May 26, 2020

High Risk Burn Injury Trades and Industries

Hosing down the fire scene

We all probably know that firemen risk all manner of bodily harm, including severe burns and disfigurement. But there are many other trades and professions for which people risk a burn at work. As a matter of setting the record straight, we have created a comprehensive list of trades and industries most at risk to people for being burnt.

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What Trades and Industries are Most At Risk for Burns?

Many trades and industries present a high risk of worker-related burn injuries. Even with the most stringent safety standards, we see that certain types of jobs carry certain types of burn injuries.

For example, some industries use flammable mixtures which can easily lead to chemicals fires, dust fires, flammable liquids, and other kinds of fires that can occur. So these are known trade paths leading to severe burn injuries. And it's not just the fire and flames that kill, indirectly these flames and explosions can lead to toxic smoke inhalation damage. Hence, lung cancer and other issues such as emphysema, may not show up until much later after exposure.

The most at risk trades for burns and scalds include:

  • Electronic Engineers.
  • Electrical Workers/Electricians.
  • Electric Power Linemen.
  • Carpenters.
  • Maintenance Workers.
  • Machinists.
  • Welders.
  • Frame Cutters.
  • Structural Metal Workers.
  • Sheet Metal Workers.
  • Painters.
  • Construction Workers.
  • Iron Workers.
  • Boilermakers.
  • Steamfitters.
  • Furnace Installers and Repairmen.
  • Smelt Workers and Pourers.
  • Pipe Fitters • Mechanics.
  • Garage Workers.
  • Gas Station Attendants.
  • Car Shop Workers.
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics.
  • Insulators.
  • Laborers.
  • Mechanics & Repairmen.
  • Bulldozer Operators.
  • Filers, Polishers.
  • Sanders, Buffers.
  • Plumbers.
  • Repairmen.
  • Technicians.
  • Telephone Installers and Repairmen.
  • Road Machine Operators.
  • Cable Linemen.
  • Maintenance Personnel.
  • Roofers and Slaters.
  • Forge Men and Hammer Men.
  • Telephone Installers.
  • Shipyard Workers.
  • Aircraft, Mining, Logging, and Factory Employees.
  • Railroad Workers.
  • Locomotive Engineers.
  • Oil Refinery Workers.
  • Industrial Plant Workers.
  • Power Plant Workers.
  • Chemical Technicians.
  • Sailors and Deckhands.
  • Steamfitters.
  • Officers, Pilots, and Pursers, Ship Crew Members.
  • Industrial Plant Workers.
  • Industrial Engineers.
  • Drill Press Operators.
  • Annealers & Temperers.

Who Can You Sue When Burned At Work?

Most of all, if someone has died or suffered severe burn injuries, personal injury lawyers are helpful in finding ways to get you money. Also, in these high-risk trades, even if negligence was not a factor, the non-negligent employer can be held liable under work comp and other provisions of California law. Also, you can sue third parties. And if you were not employed, and just a bystander injured, you too have a third party case. But it is crucial to consult an experienced burn injury lawyer.


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