Jan 4, 2019

Hoverboard Burns Down House, Killing Child

Why Are Hoverboards Particularly Dangerous When Recharging?

Firemen fighting flames in background
Silhouette of Firemen fighting a raging fire with huge flames of burning timber

Tragedy struck a PA town this past week. A small girl died in a fire caused by a recharging hoverboard. The blaze injured multiple other people and destroyed the house. The risk of these devices is well known. There is a particular need to fight back against faulty devices known for catching fire.

Yahoo News reported on the terrible fire. The LA Times also wrote about the situation. This news is the first reported death directly due to a hoverboard. Over the last several years the boards caused hundreds of injuries.

The fire critically injured two others in the house, as well as a firefighter. Authorities blamed the hoverboard recharging for the inferno. One victim jumped from the second floor to survive. Firefighters rescued three others.

Three-year-old Ashanti Hughes died at the local hospital. Two others remain in critical conditions. The hoverboard sizzled, crackled, then exploded into flames, according to the witnesses. The local fire chief referred to the board as "notorious for starting fires" and warned of their dangers. He said there were many fires and even deaths due to fires caused by them.

A Long History of Fires?

This injury is not the first by a hoverboard, nor will be the last. Furthermore, fire officials warned the public for years regarding these devices. This risk is even worse when dealing with knockoff brands. Parents need to check the machines for flaws, including their consumer history reports. The safest bet would be not to buy them at all.

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