Dec 29, 2019

How Much More Likely Are You to Get into a Car Crash on New Year's Eve?

New Years Eve - One of the Most Dangerous Nights for Motorists?

Statistically speaking, if you're talking LA, you sure bet it is. True, New Year's Eve and Day is usually a time for great celebration. But for many families, this includes breaking out the champagne for an evening in.

And for singles and carousers, this usually includes a night out at the bar, getting rowdy. As you know from experience, this particular date remains associated with drinking more alcohol than the average weekend out with your friends.

As a result, this is one of the most dangerous driving days (and nights) of the year. And even with ridesharing, the death rate soars.

Car Accident Stats

The National Safety Council compiled a number of statistics on the holiday. Unfortunately for many drivers, they are often grim. There is a combination of factors at play here, including:

Drinking before, during, and after New Year's. It's common to drink quite a bit before the clock strikes midnight and well after. The festive attitude pervades the entire day and often involves impaired judgment. Late-night driving. Often, people drive home from their New Year's celebrations after the clock has already turned. As a result, even those that are not drunk are often driving well after their normal hours.

Bad weather. In most of the country, New Year's falls upon one of the coldest and iciest parts of the year. This often translates into severe risks on the road. Increased traffic. Usually, streets and roads are empty after midnight on most nights. However, for New Year's, there is an increased number of motorists out there. All of this means a higher chance of collision.

Avoiding Some Travel Risks.

Of course, police increase their patrols for drunk drivers on December 31st and January 1st. However, on the other hand, no police actions can catch all impaired drivers.

Often, the best option is just to stay put. The hours after midnight on the 1st are the riskiest hours to be on the road. Sleeping off a few drinks-- or letting other drivers to the same-- is the safest option. If you can, enjoy the rest of the day with your friends and family!

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