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Huntington Park Man Shot by Cops, Can the Family Sue?

Huntington Park Man Shot by Cops, Can the Family Sue?
Huntington Park Man Shot by Cops, Can the Family Sue?

I am Los Angeles civil rights and police abuse attorney Michael Ehline. Today, I will discuss police officer-involved shootings in the aftermath of the latest California police shooting in Huntington Park, California. If someone in your family was fatally shot, you might be able to file a civil rights lawsuit.

Example of Huntington Beach Police Officers and Murder

Authorities have a hazardous job, dealing with confrontation daily in their career. Good officers do a great job keeping communities safe. Sometimes police lose composure and use excessive force, like that 2018 case involving Huntington Beach police, when officers fired at and fatally shot Angela Hernandez at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex.

Why Would a Huntington Beach Police Officer Go Bad, and Can The Same Thing Happen in Huntington Park?

Having grown up in Orange County and the Huntington Beach area, that wasn’t something I expected of a Huntington Beach police officer. But once I became a lawyer, I soon learned that deadly force is often used against people with mental illness and others simply flipping off to cops on the front lines.

So rather than fighting crimes and being deserving of respect, I found out that many officer-involved shootings were engaging in pure murder. Although most police officers are professionals who treat citizens with respect, sadly, some law enforcement officers bring dishonor to their blue uniforms in this post-Ferguson era, body camera footage era. A well-trained criminal defense lawyer will jump through hoops to assassinate the shooting victim’s character. Their job is to make it look like the officer’s tactics were justified, even when clearly a case of police misconduct.

But many jurors have forgotten that the United States was based upon a healthy distrust of politicians and the state. After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Because of this, pro-deep state jurors often let bad cops off the hook. When that happens, victims of police misconduct and officer-involved shootings can file a civil rights and battery lawsuit.

Below I will discuss whether or not the family of the latest Huntington Park victim can win a civil lawsuit for compensation because of the Huntington Park officer-involved shooting.

Can The Surviving Family of Huntington Park Man Sue?

The incident allegedly began with a radio call involving a Hispanic male wielding a knife near a building fire and firefighters around midnight near the 6500 block of Marbisa Avenue in the southern part of Los Angeles County. The LA County Sheriff’s Department alleged that people thought the man might have had a gun. When Huntington Park officers responded to the incident scene, the suspect allegedly armed with a knife, and the incident began.

The LASD stated: “Several commands were given and ignored to drop the knife.” Next, “Less lethal was deployed with little to no effect on the man.” Less lethal rounds of rubber bullets and even pepper spray were allegedly used before the man was shot and killed. That didn’t occur until the man ran away and then “advanced toward an officer. ” One witness, a woman, stated that the man lived about a block away from the shooting scene and had been threatening his family using a knife. She declared that the man refused to drop his knife and then confronted the police.

What Are Some Options For HP Man’s Family?

Based on these facts, it is unlikely this is a police brutality case. However, these facts could change. If so, a civil jury might find that the surviving family deserves compensation since the man was killed. In other words, a jury could see this was a case of excessive force. There is not enough information about the full circumstances yet, however.

Schedule a Free Consultation With A Huntington Park Police Shooting Attorney Today!

Suppose you or your loved one are pondering bringing a civil rights or wrongful death lawsuit against a bad cop. In that case, you must acquire a highly experienced personal injury attorney with vim, vigor, and experience. This is a lawyer who remains calm under. At Ehline Law, we have the training, knowledge, and skill to go after bad cops with guns in court. Are you the victim of one of these heinous criminal acts? If so, we can file civil lawsuits over the encounter and killing. We can even win your case if a stupid, brainwashed jury lets the killer off the hook in criminal court in a related companion case. We know all the gamesmanship criminal defense lawyers play as opposing counsel.

We are prepared to use their cunning and arguments against them in our investigation and civil lawsuit. An aggressive civil lawyer from Ehline Law will speak truth to power against bad, unprofessional cops for the egregious harm you and your loved ones suffered at the hands of corrupt police. If you or someone you love was beaten up, shot, or killed by a malicious police officer, we could file a lawsuit on behalf of the survivors.

Don’t hesitate to contact Ehline Law Firm immediately to protect your rights to total and fair compensation as you grieve your wrongful death loss. Our attorneys are chomping to speak with you about your important matter and are available 24/7 to strike on your behalf. Call us today at (213) 596-9642.

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