Jan 8, 2019

Understanding What to Do When Your Insurance Company Acts Against Your Interests

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No one wants to be the victim of an insurance company, especially after facing a debilitating accident. Such action by the company you signed a policy with is an insult and challenging to handle. When recovering from an injury, your focus should be on getting better again.

You should not have to worry about dealing with insurance company goons. Besides, you know what they've done is wrong.  And now your bills may be in jeopardy. Plus, you are out of work and unable to bring in income while you're convalescing.

It's time for you to fight back. There are avenues that you can take, including going to your state's department of insurance. However, such regulators are often overworked and outfoxed by the big corporations. Getting an attorney specialized in the field of insurance bad faith claims is the primary decision you have to make.

Why Are Plaintiff's Lawyers Crucial To Your Bad Faith Claim?

Trained and experienced lawyers, such as those at Ehline Law, are second to none in making sure that the insurance companies are forced to keep their word. Many insurers will use bad faith practices because they know that statistically, they are usually not challenged.

When faced with a law firm with a list of victories, hundreds of clients long, including against insurance companies, they start to toe the line.

Why Does a Contingency Fee Attorney make Sense for a Bad Faith Case?

There are often many avenues a bad faith insurance attorney can take for their clients. Many, like Ehline Law, work only on contingency, hanging their pay on a victory for their customers. A genuinely skilled attorney builds a personal relationship with clients.

That way they can make sure that they know everything about them, including their needs. So this allows for a more accurate picture of how the accident or injury affected the victim and their family and how best to rectify it.

Also, an attorney skilled in challenging the big insurance companies brings experience and confidence to the table. In many cases, the insurance company doesn't want a drawn-out fight that would make them look bad. So usually, they will settle out of court.

  • But this isn't a matter of just looking at the back of a phone book-- you need a fighter that will use every resource to make sure that the insurance company does not manipulate you.

This problem is why the Ehline Law Firm is a top choice for insurance litigation in Southern California. If you want to learn more about bad faith law or have a question about some other legal issue, do not hesitate to contact us.