Jan 4, 2015

HealthMarkets Insurance Fraud Lawsuits

The health insurance provider, HealthMarkets, made the news a lot in the last several years. But sadly, it's not for the reason that the company wanted. The insurer has landed into hot water several times. And this is because it claimed to offer comprehensive health insurance for its consumers. But instead, it failed to provide what it had promised. In 2010 the company was even sued by the Los Angeles City Attorney. The basis of the charging document was false advertising. In other words, Los Angeles believed this insurance corporation was lying to the public.

The LA Times even quoted the Chief Assistant City Attorney as saying:

“All their marketing and training and advertising was aimed at convincing people that this was comprehensive coverage that will protect you in your time of need. It certainly did not prove to be that way.”

Accident attorney Michael Ehline looking to clients.
Attorney Michael Ehline at his desk. Personal injury attorney.

This lawsuit is among many that the company has faced. This lawsuit alleges 13 consumers felt cheated by the company. And in one case, the cost of health coverage far outstripped what the company offered.

Hence, it left its consumers feeling misled. The Christensen family was without a breadwinner and $450,000 in back medical bills. The company, formerly known at UICI, has even become labeled ‘junk insurance.’

It has repeatedly faced accusations of not providing proper care when needed. Also, this was much to the detriment of its customers. Also, the corporation has gotten embroiled in lawsuits multiple times. And it's gotten sanctioned by multiple government agencies. So if you or a loved one had coverage with HealthMarkets or UICI, you could have a case. Were you denied coverage at a critical time? Then you may be able to get justice. Of special interest, you may win even without filing a lawsuit.

Winning a Healthmarkets Claim

Most of all, our skilled liability attorneys have battled big companies for the little guy. And we have repeatedly won time after time. So let us go to work for you and your family. Why not hold the insurance company accountable in bad faith? Also, you may also have other claims or causes of action? So call us today for a free, no-pressure consultation. Then we can discuss your legal rights. Call now at (213) 596-9642