Is It Legal For U.S. Marines to Use Hookers?

Marine Mike Ehline shooting
Michael Ehline is putting rounds downrange.

One of the most significant problems commands has with its young Marines, Lance Corporals, is personal injuries while on liberty. Marines are known for rabble-rousing in Oceanside, California, and pretty much anywhere they sell alcohol. Since young Marines can’t drink till they are 21, they may want to fight or find a girl. More than one Marine has been assaulted by a pimp and comes back to base sliced up or with a black eye. 

But with enlisted Marines, to them, it should be a no-brainer here. Marines are America’s most elite fighting force. Because of this, it attracts men and women who want to get in the fight. So you know if you join the Corps., it is likely you will see combat. So even if your primary M.O.S. is “Food Service Specialist,” you may fight.

Also, the people there are younger and more testosterone-filled than the other branches. Of course, our sister services have SEALS, Rangers, and Berets, etc. But those are special units. Also, they are older than the average 19-year-old freshly graduated “Devildog” private.

Because of this, when young male Marines hit Oceanside, near Camp Pen, or get weekend liberty in Okinawa, they want sex. Most of all, they are looking for female attention. Furthermore, the fact he just barely started puberty makes this even more accurate.

Some people suggest that Marines could get hit with sexual assault charges easily. And we have seen this happen time and time again in Okinawa. But now we hear calls for Marines with a high libido to get prostitutes. But these calls are not from Marines; they are from the Mayor of Okinawa!

What are the Legalities of Paid Sex Under the UCMJ?

It seems like we need to address the legalities under the UCMJ of a Marine seeking out paid sex. After all, most women don’t just give it up unless there is a relationship that lasts longer than a port call. And we have to consider the Corps’ interest in young Marines being rolled or suffering some other serious injuries when they are on liberty.

According to reports at the Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, the mayor of Osaka said something shocking on Monday.

  • He said U.S. service members should consider controlling their sexual energies by soliciting prostitutes.

The mayor’s suggestion did not impress a Marine commander in Okinawa. Toru Hashimoto, the Japan Restoration Party’s co-leader, visited the Marine Corps Air Station’s commander last month. Hashimoto told the commander that Marines should utilize Japan’s legalized sex industry. During the

Monday press video conference held in Osaka said in Japan there are places to release their energy legally. Hashimoto called the service members “wild Marines.” He said without using these facilities, and it will be difficult to control the sexual lives of the Marines.

So, For Now, Brothels are Off Limits.

Hashimoto told reporters that the commander had a bitter smile and said that brothels are off-limits to U.S. service members. In Japan, Hashimoto is known for making controversial statements and told reporters that service members have a lot of energy since their missions place them in life-threatening situations. He said the service members need to think of a way to release the energy.

The Marine Corps officials were not available to comment on the issue at that time. Hashimoto made remarks about World War II and Japan’s use of “comfort women.”

  • He said the Japanese military used Chinese, Korean’s, and other women for sex, which stymied international relations between Japan and other Asian countries.

The current right-wing leadership of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is in discussions about if they should amend a 20-year-old government apology about forced prostitution. And that resulted in protests earlier in the year in both China and Korea. Monday Hashimoto said it was necessary to have the comfort women system to maintain “discipline in the Japanese military, even if the women were forced to submit.

The Recreation and Amusement Association for U.S. troops was created after World War II for service members to engage in prostitution. In 1946, after four months, General Douglas MacArthur, who was in charge during the post-war Japan occupation, ended the association.

Is It Illegal for Marines to Solicit Prostitutes?

The answer is yes! The Uniform Code of Military Justice makes service members subject to court-martial for the patronizing of prostitutes. The prostitutes were created post-war in a way within the law and found in “Soapland,” massage parlors, and hostess bars.

In the Honcho neighborhood approximately 40 miles south of Tokyo at the Yokosuka Naval Base, multiple massage parlors are off-limits to service members. Also, they offer more than back rubs. Hidden within the neighborhood are brothels that occasionally are raided by the police.

But then they later show up in new locations. In some instances, military customers at massage parlors can become personal injury victims. And they have little official recourse. Two sailors told Stars and Stripes recently they were using massage parlors. These were located in the vicinity of Yokosuka Naval Base. Both these men had money stolen from their debit cards.

  • Theft

Under the guise of anonymity, one of the sailors stated one of the women removed his pants and wallet with them. He said after returning from a months-long ship deployment, he had $6,000 stolen from his debit card. Further, the sailor provided his military ID card to confirm his identity. But he wished to remain anonymous.

The sailor said it was an issue he would need to work out on his own since he is nearing retirement. Upon arriving in Japan at orientation briefings, U.S. service members are told that massage parlors and similar businesses are off-limits.

This message was repeated as a reminder in a Stars and Stripes query by Commander Naval Forces Japan spokesman Jon Nylander:

“The Navy does not condone patronizing prostitutes, massage parlors, Soaplands and any other manner of establishment that offers sexual services, as this is entirely against our core values of respect for persons, moral integrity and human dignity.”

According to Polaris Project Japan, Shihoko Fujiwara, a Toyko-based group, many of the women working within these businesses are victims of human trafficking. The team works with victims. Also, it runs a hotline for anyone seeking help.

Problems of Sex Trafficking.

Fujiwara said it’s a common misconception that all women in prostitution want to sell their bodies. He said it is not a victimless crime.
Fujiwara went on to state he understands what Hashimoto is saying. Also, human sex traffickers are smart and adapt.

So when trafficking women from Southeast Asia, they often use student and spousal visas. In the past, they relied on visas for entertainers, Fujiwara said. Polaris has worked with victims. And they said you might get treated decently in the beginning.

But Fujiwara said these things change after the women get beaten and forced into sexual submission. Fujiwara said that the victim might be smiling. Also, they appear to be providing sexual service voluntarily. So the customer seeking sexual services thinks it’s ok. But he said the women have no choice but to bring money in, or they will be homeless, beaten, or dead.

Potential Rape Charges and Brig.

So as seen above, Marines may need sex. But paying for a hooker pays for an underground sex slave industry. Also, it opens Marines up to assaults and theft at the brothel. Last, it opens up Marines to potential rape charges, not to mention STDs. So I don’t know what the answer is. But Marine Corps Lore says Chesty Puller wanted dedicated beer machines and hookers for each barracks.

Ignoring that young warriors need sexual release could make things worse in the long run. Chesty seems to have realized this. When I had been stationed at Camp Pendleton, the drinking age on base was 17. So there are things soccer moms and left-wing politicians need to understand. Furthermore, this is the only reason they are free. Because of these Marines, rough men stand ready to do violence on behalf of the weak.

This stage is the age of allowing men to marry men, and men are confused about their gender using female restrooms. So isn’t it time we let Marines pay for hookers? In particular, why can’t you look at ways to satisfy young people who could get killed in combat sexually. After all, they are defending these new freedoms. Sound off.


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