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    Big Dogs, Little Dogs. Is there a Difference? Rotts Versus Poodles Example

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    Big Dogs, Little Dogs. Is there a Difference? Rotts Versus Poodles Example

Big Dogs, Little Dogs. Is there a Difference? Rotts Versus Poodles Example

In some countries, dogs are for eating and beating. But in most cultures, these furry creatures are considered the most faithful of all animals. Being man’s best friend, millions of people in the U.S. have dogs as pets. Most dog owners are people who treat their dogs like family.

And their dogs will reciprocate and mirror the excellent behavior of their owners with their faithfulness. Likewise, an angry, ignorant owner usually has a dog with that chaotic predisposition. Most of all, different people in the U.S. have dogs for varying reasons.

Some old ladies may want a cute animal like a Poodle in the house. But an Alpha male husband may keep dogs for emotional security, such as to protect the wife and kids when the breadwinner with the Glock-21 is away. So he may house and feed a trained protection dog such as a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd.

Some people have dogs to help care for their children or someone in the family with special medical needs. Still, other people, like gang-bangers and thugs, seem to love having Pit Bulls in their yards. These shaved-headed miscreants love taking their attack dogs out in public to show off how badass they look, etc. And rap videos often display Rotts and Pits as barking, intimidating creatures.

So popular culture is the likely reason why many people believe that larger dogs like Rottweilers are more dangerous and likely to bite than a poodle, for example. But as will be discussed, all dogs can be hazardous and small dogs even more so. And this evidence is based on various internal and external factors inherent in dogs.

  • Compared with the population, violent owners are attracted to guard-type dogs.

Hollywood has also magnified and glorified certain aspects of these beasts, like the thug image of fighting dogs. For example, there are TV shows, news, and movies featuring underground dog fights. The video game industry has featured Pits and Rotties as rabid beasts in many interactive games. And as most cooler heads know, soccer moms and politicians have a penchant for banning things they don’t understand.

  • York’s Dangerous Dog Ban.

New York City even considered making these dogs illegal. But as far as dogs go, after much debate, it went nowhere.

“And if the city bans the pit bull, what’s to stop thugs from shifting to other breeds that can be made into weapons, such as the Canary Dog or the Dogo Argentino? Outlawing them all would be an incredibly divisive policy.” (Source.)

Of course, New York could just as easily apply that logic to gun control. But oh well, another topic for another time. At the other end of the spectrum, we have many famous, peace-loving celebrities who love pits. For now, the debate over breed and dangerous propensities are as unsettled as “global warming.” There is just no consensus despite propaganda by lobbyists selling carbon scrubbing technologies and looking for a tax or other break.

However, just like humans, the most advanced and wise of all creatures in the universe, dogs can also exhibit anomalies in their behavior. No matter how much you love them, you must remember that they can be violent. Also, this is the reason there are thousands and millions of dog bites cases every year.

Many minor dog attacks never get registered in the books. So they never become part of the official statistics. So never count on studies as a silver bullet in unraveling dog behavior.

Do Some Studies Show Small Dogs Are More Aggressive Than Large Dogs?

Yes. Dog owner surveys formed the basis of many studies regarding a dog’s aggression and size. Contrary to popular folklore, small dogs are more aggressive than bigger ones. For that reason, many experts consider Collies and Spaniels more dangerous than big dogs.

And many of us have noticed this when walking around neighborhoods or knocking on a door. The smaller dogs are always in your face, yelping and being territorial.

  • Even poodles nip children in the face.
  • But all in all, the larger, fighting dogs have far more bite power and menacing strength than a little yelping dog.
  • Few get noticed or mentioned because they’re so small.

The poodle’s small size makes owners and kids believe that the dog bite would not seriously harm anyone. However, attention must be paid to small breeds as well. By and by, they could attack no matter how harmless they looked due to their size.

On the other hand, large, powerful breeds like German Shepherds and pit-bulls have the physical jaw strength and power to tear someone’s face off. So bites by large dogs tend to be reported at hospitals or in news stories immediately. But, when dogs bite, regardless of size, they cause severe harm. Some attacks could result in fatalities.

The Background Of A Dog Matters?

Yes, just as humans, we have to look at a dog’s background before we label that dog as aggressive or furious. For example, fighting dogs like pit bulls were bred by humans for bull-baiting. So this tells us that their nature is dynamic. But this does not tell us a Pit is inherently more dangerous because of its breed. Dogs are similar to soldiers. A well-trained soldier like a U.S. Navy SEAL is a silent professional.

So generally acts upon muscle memory based on training and following orders. So exercise, reinforced with discipline and morale-boosting, remains key to a dog’s well-rounded development and domestication. Most of all, a good dog is always an expert at following verbal and non-verbal cues. I believe that some breeds are more intelligent and, thus, more capable of making moral decisions. These are things I call the intangibles.

Intelligence as a Factor in Whether a Dog Attacks You?

A rabid dog has lost its senses, foaming at the mouth and prowling to attack all comers. So that would be an example of a dog with no intention of right or wrong. An intelligent dog recognizes, well, morality. On countless occasions, we have heard the fables of dogs leading the police to rescue their masters or pulling an infant from a burning home, oblivious to the dangers presented by the flames. More often than not, it is the German Shepherd or similar breed recognized as the hero in these stories.

From my perspective, Rotties have similar intelligence and child/familial protective qualities. The German Shepherd is historically known as a wise dog. But if not given proper training on socializing with people, these two breeds will remain overprotective of their territory. They might notice someone close to them or their house and attack, deeming the approaching person an intruder. And with the more massive, more intimidating rottweilers, the damage done can easily prove deadly.

But a miniature poodle will have less confidence than a giant dog. After all, a large dog’s size, jaws, and muscular build could rip a person apart. But almost comedically, a small dog traveling in a dog pack will often be the first to attack from the safety of its numbers upon confronting a perceived human threat.

So we have learned that socialization remains key to humans when it comes to dogs of all sizes. Only then can these amazing creatures be comfortable around human environments. But if not appropriately trained, any dog, large or small, can devastate their victim.

Here’s A Word Of Friendly Advice About Dogs and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a busy place and a pretty populated region worldwide. So you will find a wide range of owners with varying personalities taming a massive variety of dogs here. Also, dog bite incidents are pretty common here in Los Angeles. Also, we learned above that when you are out for a stroll or taking your leashed dog for a walk; you should avoid loose strays, mutts, and any other dogs you don’t know.

Next, avoid any moves that could infuriate or set off the dog’s genetic defense modes. Most of all, injuries are more avoidable if you or another dog owner correctly trained the dog. But in the heat of the moment, staying away, avoiding eye contact, slow breathing, and controlled movements remain crucial to survival and injury avoidance. (More Dog Attack Survival Tips).

Handling Dog Bite Cases – What Next?

Our top Los Angeles dog bite lawyer discussed small and big dogs – what breeds bite and why. We learned that, for the most part, the dog owner’s leadership decides how the poodle or Rottweiler acts around humans. Also, owners of dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior should get dog training immediately. If you have fallen victim to a dog attack in Los Angeles and want to avoid one in the future, it depends on how you proceed today.

Remember that medical costs for needed traumatic care after severe dog bites can be massive challenges when you are broke and in bed. Last, small dogs like poodles may threaten kids more, so don’t trust any dog around your kid.

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