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January is Birth Defects Prevention Awareness Month

Understanding The Key Causes of Birth Defects.

Congenital disabilities are not a relic of the past. Defects, both mental and physical, affect nearly 3% of all live births, according to the federal government. Some of the most significant causes of such errors are unwitting exposure to chemicals and drugs by the mother, causing severe injury to the baby to be.

Of course, there are other causes of congenital disabilities as well. Many physicians and pediatricians agree that some of the critical objectives of such defects include:

Genetic factors. This includes potential recessive genes from one or both parents. External conditions. This can include some factors, including exposure to chemicals or adverse stress.

Altogether, this is one of the most significant factors. In some cases, smoking and drinking by the mother cause the defects. Mother’s age. The risk of severe congenital disabilities increases dramatically for mothers over the age of 40. Issues at birth. This could include the very last stages of pregnancy or even in the process of childbirth itself.

Errors made by physicians or severe physical strain during birth could cause issues for children just entering into life. This sometimes includes the use of medical implements harming the baby– often including limbs or drugs. Early delivery. In some cases, babies born too early may not be fully developed. This may happen due to issues with the fetus itself. In other cases, this is done due to a risk to the mother’s help.

Furthermore, this often happens unexpectedly. In these cases, the risk of defects is much higher, and the risk of premature death.

Understanding Legal Ramifications.

That is why activists declared January as the National Birth Defects Prevention Awareness Month. If you are a parent whose infant was affected by exposure to chemicals or drugs, you have legal options.

No baby deserves injury due to no fault of its own. The experts at the Ehline Personal Injury Law Firm APLC is here to help with our free consultation. Read more about the subject elsewhere on our site.

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