Jul 6, 2020

July 4, 2020 Fireworks, Fires and Injuries

A Public Safety Hazard?

California's ban on public fireworks displays this year sparked a number of major issues this Independence Day. Perhaps the largest was the fires caused by illegal use of fireworks. The state clamped down on Fireworks this year. This was a key error in two respects.

On the one hand, it closed off the legit means for the citizenry to enjoy a fireworks show. In addition, it showed little respect for our great country on the anniversary of its birth. It also allowed for a large number of "illegal" fireworks show. While the private use of fireworks was certainly against the law, the sheer number-- hundreds in Los Angeles alone-- made it nearly impossible to enforce. So the state traded one set of issues for another, much larger one. Take a look below at this newscast of fireworks from July 4th.

Who Bears the Legal Responsibility?

This is an exceedingly difficult question to answer. Normally, in civil and criminal liability cases, the person who used the fireworks is responsible. In a strict matter of speaking, this is still the case. However, catching the one person responsible for the exact firework when thousands were going off at the same time is impossible. So what does a private citizen do? Chances are good that the state of California and the City of Los Angeles bear at least some legal recourse.

Their selective enforcement of the rule and banning of fireworks displays caused this issue. If there was a notice of claim or similar grievance against the city or state, they may be on the hook financially. If you faced fire or injury caused by the fireworks displays during July 4, 2020, contact me immediately. My office will come to you. We offer 24/7 consultations and don't charge a cent unless we win. In some cases, we offer medical expenses up front.

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