Jan 10, 2019

Kids Riding Escalators - Risks Versus Benefits

Injuries are often caused by things that people don't take care around. If a person doesn't realize the potential danger or how to act around a certain object or in a particular situation, they are more likely to be injured. Such everyday objects can cause bodily harm across the country, including those in common places of travel or shopping, discussed here.

Shopping malls are popping up all over Los Angeles. Injury cases seem to rise the more escalators are used. Elevators are used by thousands of people every day. While these conveyors are considered quite ubiquitous, there are often many injuries from these objects every year.

Riding the escalator
Mom and two children on an escalator

Escalators do pose a particular risk for children. Kids are often either not familiar with such a means of conveyance. Or they can lose digits or limbs that can be stuck in one of the moving parts. These can often occur because the companies that build, install, or maintain these machines are not responsible for their operation.

As such, poorly damaged, improperly maintained, or unsafe escalators have caused severe injuries of all types. Landlords, in particular, are targets for pi lawyers. Furthermore, they typically have large insurance policies for the premises, as well as assets to cover any runaway jury verdicts.

Why is Maintenance So Important for Escalators?

Escalators, if maintained and built correctly, often function in the manner that they are meant to. However, those that leave elevators in dangerous conditions should be held responsible for their actions.

If an escalator accident has injured your child, there could be mounting medical bills, physical and emotional scarring. Furthermore, the amputation of a digit can happen. Make sure that your insurance company accurately covers the damage caused by such an accident.

So this includes all of the medical expenses current and future. Also, the wild parties that led to such an incident could be challenged in and out of court.

A Skilled Attorney Attacks The Case!

Facing the injury of a loved one, you are likely not able to lead such an attack yourself. Secondly, the aid of a skilled attorney specialized in personal injury and escalator accidents allows you the opportunity in compensation. This is money for your bills, pain, and anguish. You're not alone, and if successful, you will also help prevent a similar accident happening to another child.

Contact a skilled attorney at Ehline Law today for more information. In addition, we work on contingency. Not a penny unless we gain compensation for you. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will come to meet you anywhere in Southern California to assist. Call us today for a free, no-pressure consultation.


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