Jan 3, 2019

What are Your Rights When Your Loved One Gets Killed by an Illegal Alien?

Illegals and flag burning
Burning flag.

Many scared Californians realize the implications of making our home a "Sanctuary State." After all, the death of Kate Steinle sent shockwaves across the country. The 32-year-old died when an illegal alien brandishing an illegally owned pistol, fired it at the ground. But a fragment of the bullet round hit and killed Steinle.

The killing by felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in San Francisco in July 2015, found Lopez in the country illegally from Mexico. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of wrongful death and injury to citizens by legal immigrants, with little to no ability to enforce the law or repay the victim.

H.R.3011 attempts to handle some of the issues related to the illegal immigrant crime wave. So the text of the bill, otherwise known as the Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act of 2015, can be read here on Congress' official site. Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon introduced the bill in July 2015.

The bill remains with the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. But there's hope it will come to a full House vote this year. Sadly, Nevada Senator Harry Reid has worked hard to block this common-sense legislation that protects citizens.

  • Kate Steinle's death was not the only case that has wounded the country.

There have been many cases, especially in California, where illegal immigrants are driving against the law-- and without insurance. Because of these factors, in many instances in which there's an accident, the unlicensed driver will only take off, often not to be found again.

There has also been a wave of drunk driving accidents caused by illegal immigrants. Coupled with a high crime rate in California and the troubling rise of Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, all of these issues require action. Even more alarming is that every time the failed immigration policies of the current U.S. president result in a shooting, the California legislature proposes more anti-Second Amendment laws. (Take the San Bernardino Jihadists as an example - they used illegally obtained guns to kill Americans)

The state legislature keeps using its own failed policies as a pretext to make Americans less safe. This dishonest policy has led to a rise in Donald Trump supporters.

See The Video Here of Native Mexican Americans Outraged By Thugs Waving Mexican Flags at Peaceful Donald Trump Rally.

Recently we have seen a rash of illegal aliens burning American flags and attacking Donald Trump supporters paid by democrat backed organizations like public employee unions advertising on Craigslist. The narrative they are pushing is that California belongs to Mexico, and they have no duty to abide by U.S. law. (See photos here.)

  • However, they get free services here at U.S. and California taxpayer expense.
  • And yes, many do pay some taxes.
  • But much of what they pay in sales taxes, etc., is subsumed by the:

    What does a person do when a loved one is injured, killed, or assaulted by an illegal immigrant?

    Typically these illegals are from Mexico and have no assets of which to speak. Have they nothing to lose? To push back, an attorney specialized in both immigration law and personal injury/wrongful death law is a necessity.