Sep 6, 2020

Kobe Bryant Helicopter Lawsuit Details

The Result Of The Crash That Killed The Star.

Attorney Michael Ehline pictured in front of the Department of Transportation Hearing Chamber. 1200 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20590.A recent lawsuit again brings the tragic death of Kobe Bryant into the news. The painful memories of the crash are coming back to us-- even months into the current Coronavirus pandemic. The case of Kobe Bryant's death sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Our beloved former Lakers star wanted peace and serenity in retirement. His championships and all-star appearances were enough-- and showed his great skill both on and off the court.

The case shocked the nation and highlighted the key weaknesses in helicopter travel. That's the reason we decided to write about the topic. We've been covering it since the day of the crash. It is a bigger story than just the death of the largest star in recent NBA history. It is also a caution for others to consider when traveling.

This is also a chance for public agencies and private travel companies to adopt stricter, safer regulations for themselves. This is crucial in the aftermath of the star's death and a chance to at least prevent other needless deaths.

There may not be a silver lining here, but that would come about the closest. The recent lawsuit against air traffic controllers is likely not the last one regarding Kobe Bryant's death. However, it may also be needed in the process of healing and justice. It also gives us an opportunity to know more about how the crash happened and the means to prevent ones in the future. Below we discuss some of the particulars of the case. What we know. What we should know. And what is likely to come out due to the lawsuit and where we're likely headed from here.

For the author, the death of Kobe Bryant was personal. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Michael Ehline is the lead attorney in the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC. His team specializes in civil rights and procedures to take in helicopter transport accident cases. Ehline served as a transport safety lobbyist. He worked with Congress to pass valuable cruise ship safety legislation a decade ago. Now he is continuing his mission to make our nation's roads, ships, and aircraft as safe as possible. This is a personal mission for Ehline. As a husband and father, safety hits close to home. He sees the terrible toll of the Kobe Bryant crash on his family.

And wants to do anything he can to prevent similar future accidents and deaths. In addition, Ehline studied the current case forward and backward for any perspective that he could use to better protect future air customers. As a former United States Marine, Ehline has both respect and awe for helicopters. He knows their raw power and potential for fast and safe travel-- and for terrible crashes like we saw in January.

Ehline writes these columns as a means to better inform the public and hopefully safeguard us from future accidents and crashes. Our team works tirelessly on cases such as this. In fact, Ehline Law took on-- and won-- hundreds of transport crash cases, winning millions for our clients. To find out more about the types of cases we take on, read our website here, and keep reading the article below. To reach Michael or his team, call the number below or email him directly at

About The Kobe Bryant Lawsuit.

The recent turn in the post-Kobe Bryant crash saga took a surprising turn. The helicopter company that ran the doomed excursion is suing the air traffic controllers involved that day. Island Express Helicopters launched a suit in a California Superior Court last week. The company alleges that the crash was caused by a "series of erroneous acts and/or omissions" by the two traffic controllers at the Southern California TRACON, which handled the case that day.

On the flip side, the helicopter company itself is under the gun legally. Bryant's family and those of other victims sued Island Express for their role in the crash. The helicopter company claims that one of the air traffic controllers refused the pilot's request for flight. It also alleges that one of the controllers also "failed to effectively communicate the situation during a shift change just prior to the crash" according to the article. This also brings up the cases surrounding the case and regarding the case itself, as cited by USA Today:

Bryant's widow, Vanessa, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters in February for "negligence" and alleged the deaths were a "direct result" of Zobayan's actions. Zobayan's estate filed documents two months later saying the passengers assumed and knew the risks of flying.

What This Means For The Future Of The Bryant Cases: A Lawyer's Perspective.

My many years in the legal field reminds me of one thing. Most likely this case and a variety of other ones related to the helicopter crash are nowhere near ended. In fact, it appears that the suit against the flight controllers is simply the tip of the iceberg over the wrongful death of Bryant and his daughter. Put it all together, and it becomes a bit of a legal mess. I don't like to comment extensively on cases that I'm not personally involved with.

However, I like to give at least a bird's eye view of some of the key legal issues at play. This gives us an opportunity to better explain and understand cases like this in case of future ones (hopefully this does not happen). In cases like this, what surprises many not in the law field is the possibility that each of the claimants may be correct-- at least to a certain extent. A perfect storm of errors, misjudgments, and the fire all combined to cause the crash.

The helicopter accident lawyers at Ehlne Law represent the risk of air travel, especially in cases like this. This distributed responsibility is one for the court-- and perhaps juries, depending on where they head. By using this as a rule of thumb, we can get a better understanding of the next twists and turns.

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