Sep 23, 2020

Art in Public Places

grafitti injury attorneyYou might not immediately think of LA as the king of graffiti, but in many ways it is. Furthermore, the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions in the city allows for great diversity in art styles. Whether on a building, bridge, or overpass, there are many types for the eye to see. Take a look at some of the most iconic and famous examples in the Los Angeles area.

Fourquare has a list of some of the best places in the greater LA area to see graffiti. LA Weekly also has a list of some of the best graffiti in the city that shows the history of LA. Regardless of the style that you're looking for, LA has it.

Below is the Mondrian Wall, a takeoff of modern art:

One of the first ones we'll profile is one of the newest, a 2014 mural by Winston Death Squad and Stephen Ziegler, "Skid Row."
Skid Row Mural Los Angeles
Below is another of the most famous versions, which acts more like a mural than graffiti. It is the Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley by Art Mortimer. This is one of the prettiest of its kind, representing the history of California and its development.
Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley
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