Feb 8, 2021

Who Are The Top Employers With Jobs In Los Angeles, California?

Los Angeles, CA

Where Are The LA, CA Businesses Employing Hundreds Of Thousands Of People?

Were you looking for a job in Los Angeles, or just looking to find out the top employers in the area? You're in luck. We compiled a full list of the top employers in Los Angeles. You may be surprised by the results on our list, so take a look below for more info. According to the LA Almanac, you will see quite a few LA employers, with many to choose from and consider.

Government Jobs Galore?

The top employers are all public ones.

  • First is the County of Los Angeles itself, which employs 107,500 people.
  • Next up is the LA Unified School District, which employs almost 91,000.
  • The City of Los Angeles has a smaller payroll than the over two, at nearly 50,000 even.
  • UCLA is next, at 46,200. The federal government, not including the military, employs 45,000.

You must scroll through five government employers to reach the first private enterprise on our list, which might be quite a surprise for someone living in a state without a political bureaucrats class running the show.

  • Your first top private employer here is health giant Kaiser Permanente, which employs nearly 37,000 people. As you will see, however, public sector jobs take over again after that one.
  • This list includes jobs located in Los Angeles and California, employing nearly 30,000 employees, and the University of Southern California, which provides almost 19,000 jobs.

After these, several more private sector companies top our list, including:

  • Northrop Grumman employs almost 17,000,
  • Target employs 15,000, which Kroger operates 13,500,
  • Bank of America comes next at 13,000.

Our list isn't complete, of course, as many other companies employ well over a thousand people per business. What you see above are the most stable and widespread of employers. We see the results in the local economy and the tax base needed to support it. Los Angeles has the highest taxes in the nation, mainly sales taxes; stay tuned for more info and stats. The LA Times has a more extensive list of the top businesses in Southern California.

How Do I Drive To Ehline Law Firm from Kaiser Permanente?

You will travel about 5 min (0.2 miles) via S Hope St., but it's mostly flat, so use caution as the map may involve errors.

Your route involves a 3 min (0.3 miles) via S Hope St, but it's the best route, despite the usual traffic to Kaiser Permanente at 333 S Hope St #145, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

  • Head southwest on S Hope St toward W 4th St 0.2 mi
  • Use the right lane to turn right onto S Grand Ave 315 ft.
  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W 5th St.
  • Your destination will be on the right at about 282 ft.

How Do I Drive to Ehline Law Firm From LA Unified School District?

  • So you will need about 39 min (16.1 miles) via US-101 S, which is usually the fastest route from Los Angeles Unified, California!
  • Get on CA-170 S/Hollywood Fwy 8 min (2.9 mi)
  • You will take US-101 S to W Temple St. Take exit 3A from US-101 S 20 min (12.4 mi)
  • Next, you will take N Grand Ave to W 5th St 5 min (0.8 mi), and you are at your destination.

How Do I Drive to Ehline Law Firm from Northrop Grumman?
Drives are typically around 50 min (24.6 miles) via US-101 S on I-405 S to Northrop Grumman at 21240 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

  • You will merge on to the US-101 S 2 min (0.4 mi)
  • You must follow US-101 S or take the Interstate 110 S exit from CA-110 35 min (23.7 mi)
  • You will continue driving on W 4th St. Take S Hope St to W 5th St 3 min (0.5 mi)

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