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    Lancaster Drag Racing Crash Caught on Camera – No Recoveries for Recklessness!

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    Lancaster Drag Racing Crash Caught on Camera – No Recoveries for Recklessness!

Lancaster Drag Racing Crash Caught on Camera – No Recoveries for Recklessness!

Driving safety ads show how dangerous it is to race on streets, yet people still act recklessly. An example is a recent Lancaster drag racing crash caught on camera.

Let’s explore the details of the Lancaster car accident incident with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

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Lancaster Car Crash Causes Stir in a Quiet, Peaceful Neighborhood

On September 27, 2022, a car crash occurred in a peaceful neighborhood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with neighbors stating the driver was drag racing.

So far, no information about the accident is available except for neighbor accounts.

The Driver Was Going about 70 Mph, Freddy Rivera Jr. Said

Freddy Rivera Jr, a resident of East Walnut Street, spoke to the media about the incident stating that it was clear that the driver was drag racing.

There Were Two Cars Drag Racing, Rivera Jr States

According to Rivera Jr, the accident occurred around 2 AM and was loud enough to wake him up from bed and investigate the noise.

Upon getting down from his residential block, he saw a vehicle smashed into a pole, suggesting it hit it head-on.

Rivera stated that the driver was probably going 70 MPH and was racing another driver in another car which had gone away when the wreck happened.

Fortunately, It Was Not a Fatal Crash, and No One Was Killed

Other residents also woke up to investigate the incident and also believed that the driver was drag racing. The driver got out of the vehicle, but the passenger was trapped due to vehicle damage. Fortunately, both did not suffer any injuries from the crash.

Police came down to the accident scene and talked to the driver and the passenger but did not release any information. So far, the official version of the incident does not deem it as drag racing.

Content Videos like This Often Go Viral on Facebook

Joel Sims, at Lancaster Coworking, urged the media to search the security footage of the accident scene as that clearly suggested some form of racing during the night time.

Video of the incident made it to Facebook content, where people started commenting about the reckless driver.

Authorities Will Investigate the Accident, and Any Data Available

Local law enforcement authorities are investigating the issue before they can release any additional information.

Police Cannot Deduce the Accident’s Cause Without Additional Information

It is crucial to understand that before any law enforcement can pursue action, they require further information.

The same goes for when you go to retain legal services; an attorney will investigate before building a case for claims against an insurer or going to court. Investigations help authorities, attorneys, and victims explore more options.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident that was not your fault and require legal services, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may qualify for compensation.


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