Dec 24, 2019

Legal Information for the Smiths Medical Drug Infusion Pump Recall

The Most Severe Class of Recall.

Attention LA residents. The FDA issued a Class 1 recall of a popular type of medical pump used by a variety of facilities across several states. In addition, the error includes a pump type that could face future issues or recalls in the future.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on the recent news. A severe software error means that the pumps intended to save lives may instead be a grave risk. This includes the real possibility of injury or death. The pumps are made by Smiths Medical. Over 600 pumps distributed to consumers in three states are affected.

The pumps themselves were sold under the moniker Medfusion 4000 Syringe Pumps with Firmware Version 1.7.0. As a result, this recall includes a variety of different patients. Smiths Medical distributed them to children's hospitals, neonatal intensive care units, as well as operating rooms and adult critical care units. The pump is supposed to move medications at a constant rate at a low or high dosage. However, the firmware error means that the low battery alarm may not work. This could result in patients not being able to receive the medicine needed. In the case of the most critical drugs, this could result in severe injury or death.

Legal Options if You are Injured due to this Recalled Product.

Fortunately, no one in Los Angeles has been reported killed by the malfunction. However, the company received at least 74 complaints linked to the product across the country.

So in October, the company asked consumers to send these pumps back for reprogramming. However, this may have even broader implications in the future. Due to the intricacy of these devices, even a tiny malfunction could lead to death. LA residents should stay on the alert and let their friends know of the recall.