Jan 17, 2019

Lessening the Risk of Your Dog Hurting Someone

Shepherd attacks man
Shepherd attacks man at a dog show

Dog bites are common and unfortunate around the country. Dog owners should be concerned about the possibility of their furry friend biting a person. Owners can face legal consequences in the aftermath. Often poorly socialized or bred dogs can be aggressive.

So they remain prime candidates for unexpected bites. In fact, in the aftermath of a bite, those bitten could sue the owner of the dog.

The state of California does not always press dog owners if it is not known to be aggressive. However, in many cases, the owner can be held liable for the dog's bites regardless. So this could lead to the owner having to pay for the cost of medical expenses and other damages. Also, this could include lost work or trauma.

Are There Cases When The Dog's Owner Is Not Legally Liable?

There are cases where the owner is not responsible. These can include if the person bit was sneaking onto your property or provoked the dog. Still, being able to avoid bites altogether is a much better strategy.

Is Dog Obedience Training a Good Idea?

Obedience classes are a great opportunity to make sure that your dog is properly trained and socialized. These types of classes not only can teach the valuable dog lessons but allow them to interact with a broader array of people and pets. So hopefully they can avoid issues in the future.

There are many books out there for owners to read and use to train their canine companion. Also, feed and nourish the dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Also, spaying or neutering a dog helps solve many issues at once.

Not only will the dog be unable to bring unwanted puppies into the world, but it also becomes much less aggressive. So it remains less likely to bite someone. Also, the dog will be less liable to leave your house unattended. And this is because it can no longer be in heat.

Dog training comes with other responsibilities. Keep your dog within a fenced area or on a leash. Also, make sure they do not go out in public unattended. The remains an area where it could cause problems. Also, if your dog could be violent, make sure fences have signs posted warning the passersby.

What About the Importance of Dog Vaccinations?

Keep the dogs healthy and vaccinated, especially against rabies. Also, severe adverse legal and health issues can result if their rabies shot no longer remains current. Keeping your dog away from strangers also helps. And this remains truer if your dog is not well socialized.

What Must You Know About Dogs and Children?

The most victims of dog bites are children, who often don't know any better. When children receive basic lessons about how to deal with dogs, such as allowing the dog to smell them first, is valuable. Kids must also learn not to run from animals, bother them while eating, or making direct eye contact. Children must be careful with dogs. In fact, they remain a danger even in their house.