Jan 1, 2019

Limb Loss and Rehab

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Adapting with Help

Dismemberment is one of the most challenging injuries for a person to undergo. Whether there is a full shear of a limb due to injury, disease, or drug reaction, the after-effects are all severe and life-altering. When faced with such an issue, many victims do not know their legal rights. So they have no idea what they should be doing next.

Strong legal counsel is often vital for the next stage of recovery, both medically and financially. We hear horror stories from lobbing victims who still think they have their limb, and say they can feel it still. These poor souls are going through some terrible times, indeed.

Severe Side Effects

The price of the loss of a limb is far steeper than that shown upfront. Beyond just the absence of that limb, the person will face years of rehabilitation and the possible need for long-term medical treatment and nursing care.

  • There could be severe side effects and infections that could arise as well as the mounting medical bills.

All of this can be overwhelming for someone just involved in a terrible accident. The need for an attorney to help sort through these many problems is apparent.

The aftermath is a long and costly process that the patient must go through. Because of this, victims must become educated about the restrictions the amputation will cause them. And they must also cope with the long-term effects of the injury or surgery. Also, the actual amputation or surgery dealing with the event may be extended and intensive. And post-op requires special care to allow the fitting of a prosthesis.

Need for Extensive Treatment.

  • After surgery, extensive physical therapy and continued medical treatment will be needed.

And this is particularly true since the patient is dealing with the condition for the first time. This person now has to deal with learning how to function, drive, and work. And this is all new without a valuable limb. So they will need to work through issues for years.

When faced with all of these factors, you are not alone. Not only are the doctors and nurses there to try and make the transition easier, but an experienced attorney can also assist in dealing with many of the long-term ramifications. They can help in countering the party, possibly at fault for your injury or dealing with your insurance company.

For More Information.

Call Ehline Law for a free consultation to assist in this troubling time. Most of all, make sure and do a lot of research before giving statements as to the cause of loss. After all, insurance companies are notorious for using statements made by victims against the victims at a later date.

It is easy to say something out of context that will harm your case later on. The rehab is always better when there is significant money to pay for it. Therefore, most lawyers will advise the victims to never speak to anyone about how the injury occurred, unless it is through their attorney.


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