Jun 2, 2020

Long Beach Curfew in Effect

Just Another in a List of Los Angeles County Curfews.

The City of Long Beach joined its neighbors in declaring a curfew on May 31st. The order is effective June 1st and covers outside activity, especially after dark. You can read about the order from the city government here. The action followed a similar curfew in Torrance the previous day. Furthermore, these orders couple up with the riots and disorder rules put out by the County of Los Angeles. Altogether, these actions mean that the local government expects far worse in the days to come.

Ways to Stay Safe During Riots?

There are multiple ways in order for you and your family to avoid personal injuries and stay safe during this time. If at all possible, do not go out after dark. Furthermore, make sure to keep track of each and every person in your household at all times. Lock your doors and do not answer it after nightfall.

There are several other steps available to you.

  • Remember that the police are overburdened. Between the protests and the riots, there is very little slack left for the police force. Consider that they cannot get to you in case of an emergency.
  • Stand your ground. You have no duty to retreat at your own home. If you feel threatened and there is no police presence, consider your options. If you have weapons, keep an inventory of them and where they are located at all times. Firearms should not be loaded unless absolutely necessary. However, with no police around-- remember that the safety of yourself and your family is in your hands at this moment.
  • Understand the chaos. There is not much order in what has been happening lately. However, there are means to better protect your family, even without a home security system. Do not leave valuables in plain sight and park your car in a garage, if possible.

Also, staying off roads is a smart idea, since rioters may car jack, or assault your vehicle. We will update our site as the situation develops. Keep it here for more info.

You can reach out to a California personal injury lawyer near you or find another local location.