Jan 9, 2019

Look Out! Children Are at Special Risk for Poolside Injuries

Swimming pools dot the landscape across the country, especially in always sunny Southern California. This relaxation spot may complete a household. But it also brings a health and safety hazard that needs correcting. When taking on a structure that could cause a fall and drowning injury, you must protect the lives of your children. You also should care about visitors and others that could come into contact with your pool.

20% of Daily Drowning Deaths Are Kids?

Many parents put in pools for the enjoyment of their children, especially for young children. Unfortunately, children between one and five are at the highest risk of drowning. In fact, the CDC reports that on overage ten people drown every day.

  • 20% of these are children
  • Among children, drowning is the second highest cause of death

And this is a particular problem in the Los Angeles area, with a much higher proportion of swimming pools. Since your home may have a pool or your kids may visit a neighbor's pool, there are factors to remember.

Don't Drink and Swim

Swimming Pool Drowning Victims
Suffer a pool death or brain injury? Look no further.

Alcohol could not only slow your own reaction time and increase the risk of drowning, but it could also make it much harder to rescue a drowning child.

If Possible, Have a Lifeguard on Duty

It may be difficult to have a trained person on duty whenever swimming. But even basic courses in safety and water injuries can make a significant difference. Slides and diving boards can cause significant risks of both drowning and fall-related injuries.

Avoid Unsafe Apparatuses and Keep them Maintained

Any element in or around a pool that is not up to code or safety standards could cause serious injury. There are parts of a pool, including suction devices that could cause children to become trapped. Improperly placed netting or similar items could cause more problems.

Properly maintaining the parts of the pool is a major factor in avoiding illness. When the pool is clean and ready for swimming, you can lower the risk of drowning and disease.

Be Prepared for Injuries

Having even basic first aid training can go a long way. With a first aid kit nearby you will be able to swiftly administer the needed medical treatment before more help can arrive. Make sure that you are trained for CPR and similar rescue technique.

Constant Supervision is Needed

Children should be watched at all times. There's no excuse for letting children run around the slippery poolside or slip and fall into the pool and have a significant risk of drowning. Improper supervision methods cause many injuries. If you or your child has been in an accident involving a swimming pool.

Make sure that you have a skilled legal advocate by your side. A serious injury or death could be more than any family can bear. And there is assistance in finding medical care. And a means to pay for it. Contact Ehline Law for more information here, including speaking to our specialized pool accident and personal injury attorneys.