Aug 23, 2020

How One Marine’s Rallying Cry Shows the Excesses of Corona Restrictions

COVID Shutdowns Continue Months Later.

COVID-19The lingering effects of the Coronavirus continue months after the initial shutdowns. Even though the original concern sparked in March many states and cities continue with harsh restrictions. These locales use the virus as a justification. While there is a need for some public response to the virus, one question that I have is how long and how strict must they be? Why are riots and racist assaults against white males ok? Many people already changed their own personal habits due to the disease.

Many wear masks voluntarily. It doesn't always take a mask mandate from the state to do that. Many people use protective PPE. In addition, many people stay their six feet apart from each other to be safe. Others limit their time outside. Even more, wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. Put it all together, and many of the restrictions from the government are already put in place.

Since deaths caused by the virus are decreasing, is there still the same need for strict measures? Furthermore, since many people are doing these actions anyway, is a mandate counterproductive. Many free people do not want to be told what to do by an overreaching government. This may result in people flouting the law or executive orders just for the sake of doing so.

It also creates conflict among many people. They understand that the virus is a major concern. However, they believe the growth of government power, especially during an emergency-- is more dangerous. Put the two together and we see how and why there is increasing opposition to the extended restrictions. It's not March anymore, and sometimes we'd like to see our governments acknowledging that.

Fired Up And Tired Of Restrictions?

We saw an example of the frustration on display this month. A veteran went to the County Board of Supervisors of Shasta County, CA. Finally, the dam is beginning to break. Many people are tired of being restricted by their own government months after the initial crisis. And months after the death toll continues to fall. The vet is a retired Marine who owns a martial arts studio. Listen to his words below:

“At first we sat as concerned citizens, and we all wanted to best figure out how to navigate our way through this whole COVID thing,” Zapata, with a signature NorCal accent, said in the meeting. “As we realized that it’s not quite as dangerous as we thought it would be, I was absolutely appalled at the cowardice.” “I don’t blame you for wearing masks, because I’d be hiding my face too if I was you for what you’re doing,” Zapata, who opposes mandatory masks, told the board members. “This is absolutely horrendous what you’re doing to these people.

The message is clear-- the restrictions went well beyond their original claims. The Board of Supervisors of Shasta County must already know this. Many people in the local government want the best for their citizens. They do their best with the limited knowledge that they have. However, on the state level, this is often not the case. As we'll discuss below, there are cases in which states like California are simply going too far. To read more about cases like this, read our legal blog here.

California As The Example?

California under Governor Gavin Newsom is perhaps the most restrictive of all of the 50 states. Furthermore, the state is also among the most likely to use executive orders rather than actual laws. This is a dangerous combination. Due to the political leanings of the state and its population, the actions are far more far-reaching than their neighbors. There is also more public acceptance of the action, especially outside of rural areas.

There are many issues with the executive actions of Governor Newsom. Among them is the fact that it is being done by executive diktat instead of through the state legislature. Too much power is being accrued by just one person under the guise of an emergency. Furthermore, this happens as the overall death rate of the infected continues to fall. Again, this is no longer the beginning of the crisis. There is no need for the same restrictions-- especially through extralegal means. The cry of one retired Marine may soon be the one leading our nation to a dawn of new freedom.

About The Author.

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC. Ehline and his team specialize in civil rights and personal injury cases. His firm fought multiple medical malpractice cases caused by errors by medical professionals. In researching the interlinking roles of medical doctors and government, we ascertain the ultimate cause and goal of increasing powers during the pandemic. Don't misunderstand me. Action by the government is often necessary. However, abuses of power caused by an emergency is incredibly dangerous.

There are so many examples throughout history of power-hungry politicians using emergencies as a means to accrue more power. The power gained is well beyond that of the original crisis. Furthermore, many of these "temporary" actions often last far beyond the timeline of the issue. In my research, I put it all together. I found that many politicians exploited the crisis for their own means. We now have evidence from all 50 states and a number of cities and counties. This allows us valuable comparisons. It also allows us to understand what happened over the last six months in fighting Coronavirus.

The virus is still a major concern. It's still killing people. That being said, some of the actions of politicians are counterproductive. Even worse, we see some of these actions unable to solve the original problem. In cases like New York and New Jersey, the issues become even larger. Below I lay out some of the key faces regarding the case, as well where our nation is likely headed from here. This includes a number of occasions of people finally frustrated by government restrictions.

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