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Carcinogen PCB in Water – Big Los Angeles-Monsanto Lawsuit?

City Attorney Mike Feuer is on the attack again. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office proclaimed last Monday that it is suing Bayer AG company’s sister corporation, Monsanto Co. along with its subsidiaries at Pfizer, including Eastman Chemical in California state superior court.

As many Angelenos know, Monsanto remained one of the most advanced and well-known names in the US in the midst of the 20th century for its biochemical and agricultural progress and advancement.

One of my old colleagues I met several times at the City of Los Angeles, City Attorney, Mike Feuer is of the mind that profits over people are evil and that Bayer AG must clean up and pay up for its deception, health risks, and damage to Los Angeles waters and domiciliaries.

For example, certain acts of carelessness or deceptions have the company Monsanto as the target of the City of Los Angeles, who’s top prosecutor has alleged the company is using a carcinogen in its products despite knowing the harmful effects of dumping PCBs into Los Angeles water systems.

For its part, Bayer claims:

“Where it has been determined that those cleanups are necessary, federal, and state authorities employ an effective system to identify discharges and allocate clean-up responsibilities. Litigation of the sort brought by the city risks undermining these efforts.”

Also, the time during which the company allegedly was dumping PCBs into Los Angeles waters/L.A. Harbor, the U.S. government had PCBs listed as “banned” under the Toxic Substances Control Act, for causing liver damage risks and other health problems, especially with kids in the United States. Months ago it appeared it was only a matter of time before Los Angeles City Attorney.

Feuer said in a press conference last Monday that:

“It’s time for Monsanto to clean up and pay up…” “The health and environmental impacts of PCBs – impacts the city has been working hard to reduce in waters throughout L.A…. are just jaw dropping.”

Since Mike Feuer sues Monsanto like this in such public way, he must believe he has a strong case, and below our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will try and help residents, visitors and victims discover why Polychlorinated Biphenyls or PCBS are so dangerous and why he is acting.

Monsanto and PCB Contamination

PCB, or polychlorinated biphenyl, is a carcinogen with many harmful effects to human health, short-term and long-term.

The contamination of waterways from 1935 to 1979 by the company with PCBs was perpetrated at a time when PCBs were already banned by the government. It was the three companies that were either consolidated or owned by Monsanto that caused the contamination.

The names of the accused companies are: Pharmacia, Solutia, and Monsanto. It has to be mentioned here that Monsanto was a standalone company at that time, but is now owned by Bayer.

The EPA has a ban on the usage of PCBs at the time when these companies were using PCBs in the manufacturing of their products. Some of the products that contained the carcinogen include industrial tools, paper-based products, lubricants of various industrial machines and their hydraulic systems, etc.

The biggest problem is that Monsanto remained the top manufacturer of these products, owning nearly the entire market share.

PCB Contamination and Its Effects

The city is concerned because the company has caused the contamination of all the major lakes and waterways of the county, including but not limited to Santa Monica Bay, Marina Del Rey, Machado Lake, Echo Park Lake, etc. The presence of the carcinogen in these water bodies occurs through the inflow of waters that are brought into these reservoirs through rains and storms.

PCBs are associated with long-term and short-term effects that can be mild to very severe in nature. Some less mild effects may include the burning in the eyes, nauseating condition, inflammatory reaction on the skin, reduction in weight, etc.

Short-term exposure can also lead to other stomach related problems, going from mild diarrhea to severe aches. The other more serious effects of PCB exposure can be behavioral effects on humans, weakness in newborns, and behavioral impacts, etc.

Other long-term effects can also include the cancer of thyroid and liver. The fact that the company did not allow its employees in the PCB department to have their meals within the premises of that department is proof it knew all along what PCB was capable of in terms of negative health effects.

Monsanto Continued the Use of PCBs

The City Attorney is of the view that the company knew all the damages that its use of PCB could cause and still continued to deceive the public and authorities to continue using it. The deception was performed by the company through misinformation or by keeping information about the effects hidden completely.

To make matters worse, the company kept it is a secret from the city government that all the products manufactured with the use of PCBs were going to contaminate water bodies too. The carcinogen was used uninhibited in many products and these products were then used in many sectors and industries.

Monsanto Will Have to Pay?

Mike Feuer, the City Attorney, is very serious about the matter. He is of the view that the company will have to repay all the damages that were done to the city due to its use of PCBs in various products. There has been no response from the media teams of the company in the wake of the lawsuit filed by bad ass Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer.

Bayer, current owner of Monsanto, has stated they will be reviewing the lawsuit. However, Bayer has believes it s a meritless lawsuit, stating:

“Monsanto voluntarily ceased its lawful manufacturing of PCBs more than 40 years ago, and never manufactured, used or disposed of PCBs into Los Angeles’ waters, and therefore should not be held liable for the contamination alleged by the city.”

In the meantime, the government authorities in Los Angeles are using filtration, cleaning, and monitoring methods to keep the presence of PCBs in water in check.

We do know that Pfizer has been convicted of felony criminal fraud for lying about the safety and efficacy and safety of their drugs.

Here is an example of one of their felony convictions.

“‘The Pharmacia & Upjohn Company – a subsidiary of Pfizer – agreed to plead guilty to a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for misbranding the painkiller Bextra ‘with the intent to defraud or mislead,” according to the Department of Justice.”‘ (Source.).

“Pfizer has been ordered to pay $142 million US in damages for fraudulently marketing gabapentin, an anti-seizure drug marketed under the name Neurontin. A federal jury in Boston ruled Thursday that Pfizer fraudulently marketed the drug and promoted it for unapproved uses.” (Source.)

One thing we do know, when L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer sues Monsanto, he likely already has the goods on this large, powerful organization that has allied itself to known, convicted big pharma felons like Pfizer.

So we’ll see if local City of Los Angeles politicians benefiting from campaign donations will stop Mike Feuer from potentially exposing the COVID 19 vaccine drug makers and their failure to inoculate people. There are a wide range of possibilities facing the City of Los Angeles, as as well as these powerful drug companies if the allegations of PCB contamination in the City of Los Angeles are proven.

Now that L.A. City has sued Monsanto, we will see whether they will be held liable or whether the case alleging these defendants are still flooding PCBS into Los Angeles is without merit as Bayer AG alleges.

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