Jan 3, 2019

Moped Attorney Talks Benefits, Accidents and Prevention

Keeping Safe at Any Speed on a Moped.

Riding mopeds may not immediately strike a person as a dangerous pursuit. However, inexperienced riders, road conditions, and other drivers can cause some obstacles to remaining safe on Los Angeles, California roads. Each one of these can create tremendous challenges, which can lead to severe injury or even death. A moped or Vespa is not a toy-- it's a legitimate form of transportation that should be respected on the road.

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline with his bike

Why is Moped A Small Mode of Travel?

Mopeds are not the most common type of vehicle on the road. But motorbikes remain quite common in and around cities across California. Their little profile and excellent gas mileage make them an excellent choice for you college kids, other commuters or some businesses that serve us.

  • Mopeds are cheap in comparison to a passenger car
  • Gas is cheap since they get great mileage
  • Mopeds cut quickly through traffic
  • Mopeds like motorcycle are easy to store (imagine a Marine or sailor deploying?)


These little bikes are an integral part of the road. So other motorists should take care to treat them with respect.

Unfortunately, several key factors often cause Moped accidents.

These include:

With these factors understood, there are several key ways to prevent an accident or injury.

Some accidental injury prevention factors are fundamental, such as:

  • Following traffic patterns
  • Wearing a helmet

Others defenses should be employed steadily, such as:

  • Wearing reflective or bright clothing
  • Keep feet on the footrests
  • Slow down in the case of upcoming road debris, road defects, traffic signals, and obstructions

Moped riders should make sure to ride defensively and assume the other driver cannot see them. Using these tips and gaining experience can avoid needless tragedy. Our team here at Ehline Law has helped many motor scooter, and moped riders get back on their feet after such an accident. Only with the right attention can such accidents be avoided. In case they occur, our team is ready to help you and your family become whole again.

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