Jan 5, 2019

Is It Time to Ban Dangerous Dogs?

German Shepherd Attacks
German Shepherd Attacks - 3D Render

A Canine Menace?

Recently, authorities shot several animals. The facts show a woman and her son were mauled in Modesto, California. Many consumer attorneys and safety organizations are clamoring for an outright ban on these types of animals, mainly Pit Bulls.

After all, the California government has successfully passed laws banning "assault" weapons, like AR15's. And they did this even though these sporting rifles are used in less than 1% of gun crimes.

So it makes sense that the senate and house in the Golden State would want to outlaw Pit Bulls. After all, this breed is associated with many maimings, deaths, and disfigurement of grown-ups and children.

Highlighting the new calls for more dog laws is this most recent and tragic case. According to Stanislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson, the incident took place at approximately 5:45 p.m. in the 800 blocks of Glenn Avenue in Modesto. The Sheriff said emergency officials received several 911 calls reporting the attack.

Deputies arriving at the residence found three pit bulls attacking a man. Also, a fourth dog was circling the attack in the man’s backyard, Christianson said. One organization on Facebook remains dedicated to banning pit bulls. Some opine the only way to stop them is to kill them and end their breeding.

Use of Deadly Force.

It appears that the police agree, at least in the most recent instance. The sheriff said deputies shot and killed two of the dogs. Afterward, the other pit bulls became frightened by the gunfire. So they ran to a nearby yard.

After securing the backyard where the attack took place, sheriff department investigators found a senior woman located inside of the home. She also was attacked by the pit bulls. The woman had sustained multiple traumatic bite wounds. The Sheriff’s Department did not release the identity of the older woman or man. Deputies set up a perimeter in the neighboring yard. And this was done to contain the other two pit bulls. They, too, were shot and killed.

Assault Dogs A Threat to the Community?

Both the mauling victims were treated and transported to an area hospital by paramedics at the scene. Officials are still determining who owned the dogs. Christianson said the were acting viciously. They were charging the deputies. He stated that they were a threat to the community.

According to officials, detectives are investigating witnesses and gathering evidence in conjunction with the Stanislaus County Animal Services. The goal is to find whether other reports of the dog’s bad behavior or attacks exist.

Also, authorities are checking the dogs for micro-chipping. One neighbor identified as Celeste Vaughn stated the dogs are known in the community. She also said they have attacked other dogs, but not people. She said she avoided the Pit Bulls.

Compare Pit Bulls to an AR15 Sporting Rifle.

Authorities said criminal and civil charges await the Pit Bull's owner. That is all well and good. But where is the outrage from politicians? I mean, an AR-15 cannot jump off a table and shoot someone. But a dog trained to kill bulls sure can. Isn't it only fair to ban pit bulls, or have their teeth removed?

The so-called "high capacity" magazine ban compares to this. This limits how many rounds law-abiding citizens can have in their weapons for self-defense. So why not pull the teeth out of a guard dog's mouth so that only police dogs can have teeth?

Only The Government Should Have Guns and Dangerous Dogs?

Won't the world be a safer place if only the government has weapons and dangerous dogs? I mean, after all, look at how great King George or Pol Pot was. That is what they wanted, right? In any event, this should not be hard to achieve. Also, it will probably garner a lot of votes from soccer moms and Millennials.

  • Nothing in the Bill of Rights comes close to the "shall not be infringed" language of the Second Amendment.
  • Only the government can have over ten rounds in their firearms in the Golden State.

But citizens voted for politicians who, in turn, voted to deny their constituents unalienable rights. Of course, this was a jestful quip. But this should give us all food for thought when we think about dangerous dogs. And the outcomes are potentially disastrous, considering the terrible and unfair state of California law.

Legislation on the books already exists to prevent and mitigate dog attacks. Also, dog owners are accountable for recklessness. I will keep you updated on the outcome as the legal cases progress.

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