Jan 3, 2019

Motorcycle Collision Risks & Construction Zones

What are the Inherent Risks in and Around Active Zones for Bikers?

Construction zones make our modern economy go round. The hustle and bustle of creating new buildings and infrastructure is key to our way of life. This hustle is especially prevalent in California with its large population and cities. While these different zones are key to our development, they also present a unique danger to motorcyclists.

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline with his bike

No rider is immune to the potential effects of such a zone. The constricted traffic just the beginning of the issues. Driving patterns change in and around construction zones, especially if the area is used to high-speed traffic.

Furthermore, there are physical barriers and tools around the zone itself, some which are not particularly visible. All of these potential hazards add up. Additionally, they were particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. This doubles if the rider is inexperienced or unfamiliar with the area.

How Do You Recognize the Dangers of Riding Motorcycles and Staying Safe on Surface Streets?

In many ways, riding safely through such construction zones has similar rules for riding safely in other conditions. Like riding through rough weather, often the first instinct is to avoid the area when at all possible. Furthermore, a good rule of thumb is to always ride slow when unfamiliar with the territory. Your field of vision as a rider is only so large. Keeping track of where you are headed and making sure that you are riding safely should be your number one priority.

Ehline Law understands the critical aspects of riding. Our lead attorney, Michael, is a motorcycle enthusiast and understands the values and concerns of bikers. We don't talk down to motorcyclists or make them feel like their needs are silly.

Our team knows the riding tradition from the ground up and from years of personal experience. For more information about riding safety and tips, please keep reading our column in other parts of the site.