May 29, 2020

Post Motorcycle Accident Medical Care

Crashed bike laid down

When a smashed up motorcycle rider is hurting, he must seek medical care immediately. Waiting too long can be a severe health danger. Not seeking medical attention right away also decreases your chances of proving how you were hurt.

The Ehline Law Firm is where the rider that has been in a motorcycle accident can get answers to their questions about medical care and a free initial consultation. We have convenient office locations in Southern California. Our expertly trained attorneys represent the tort victim in Northern California as well. Contents:

Medical Treatment and Following Up.

Many motorcycle collision victims take the ambulance to the hospital. Riders are diagnosed by an emergency room physician. So the injuries will be assessed quickly.

In some cases, injuries are serious enough to be life-threatening. Afterward, victims may get admitted to the hospital ICU for emergency medical care.

  • Life v. Non-Life Threats.

When the motorcycle injuries are not life-threatening, the emergency room doctor could discharge the rider with a referral. The instructions will be to follow up with their primary care physician.

In order to help relieve pain, the emergency room doctor could prescribe pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. Also, they may fit the injured rider with a soft cervical collar. Riders with arm or leg injuries might require a leg splint or arm splint. The idea is to decrease the risk of further injuries and reduce pain and discomfort.

Following up with the primary care physician, referral doctor, or any other healthcare professional is important for the victim. It is important to follow any prescribed or recommended medical exams and care. The insurance company considers the injuries and medical care, and bills.

Visiting the Primary Care Physician

When visiting the primary care physician or other health care physician, it is important to explain to the doctor how the injuries occurred. If thrown to the asphalt, tell the doctor where it hurts. It is important to tell the doctor about every injury. The doctor might ask you to rate each of your injuries on a pain scale of one to ten.

Get Your Medical Records.

Physicians should request and receive records from your emergency room visit. Also, they should do so directly after the accident. Also, to avoid duplicate X-rays and more cost, have them sent over too.

Afterward, your primary care physician performs a full examination and decides upon a suitable treatment plan. The treatment plan can involve prescription pain and anti-inflammatory medications. But it likely will include physical therapy and other necessary medical treatments.

Getting Justice.

Delaying medical treatment reduces the likelihood of proving the cause of the injuries. Speak with motorcycle injury attorney Michael P. Ehline for a free no-obligation consultation call (213) 596-9642.

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