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Motorcyclist and Woman Trying to Help Killed in Thanksgiving Crash

On November 24, 2022, a fatal accident occurred on thanksgiving evening involving a driver, motorcyclist, and a third motorist. Let’s explore the details of the accident with Ehline Law and our motorcycle personal injury attorneys.

Deadly Thanksgiving Day Crash Happened after Woman Tries to Help Injured Motorcyclist

At around 5:35 PM, a motorcyclist traveling on the northbound side of the freeway, south of Balls Ferry Road, struck a deer in the dark, causing him to lose control. The impact ejected the motorcyclist into the center divider.

A Woman Was Killed Thanksgiving Evening While Helping the Injured Motorcyclist

According to the California Highway Patrol, a woman who witnessed the incident stopped her vehicle to assist the injured rider. Unfortunately, a third driver heading northbound I-5, south of Balls Ferry Road, did not see the injured motorcyclist and the woman driver, hitting them both. The police reached the accident scene, and both were pronounced dead.

Investigations and Inquiries into the Northbound I-5 South of Balls Ferry Road Started, California Highway Patrol Reports

The police report states that the 58-year-old San Francisco driver, Zi Qiang Huang, was driving a Toyota Camry before the crash happened. While the authorities have ruled out alcohol or drugs as the cause of the accident, they are still unsure how the collision happened and are investigating. Local authorities are asking anyone with further information about the breaking news to come forward and contact the police.

Seminole Residents, Enraged about the East Lake Drive Accident, Voice Their Concerns

Another accident, unrelated to the one mentioned above, led to the death of a 21-year-old motorcycle rider in Seminole County. At around 7:40 PM, a driver approaching an intersection of East Lake Drive made a left turn and crashed into the 21-year-old Vincent Young, who was riding with his friend.

Following the motorcycle crash, the first responders immediately took Young to the South Seminole Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Seth Bordner, Young’s best friend, following behind in his motorcycle, saw the accident unravel before his eyes.

Seminole residents, enraged about the incident, started speaking up. One woman who saw the deadly thanksgiving day crash stated that such accidents are far too common at the intersection. The Seminole residents, Young’s family, and Seth Bordner credit the accident to the dangerous intersection and requested authorities to put a light in the intersection.

Who Is at Fault for the Motorcycle Crash on the I-5 and the East Lake Driver Intersection?

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents in the country, but most include negligence.

Who Could Be At-fault for the I-5 Motorcycle Crash?

In the first thanksgiving motorcycle crash on the I-5, several parties could be negligent, resulting in the accident. The motorcyclist lost control of their vehicle after hitting a deer they did not see. It could be possible that the motorcyclist was not paying attention on the road and did not see the deer before he hit the animal. However, the Toyota Camry struck the motorcyclist and the woman who stopped to help the injured rider, claiming they did not see them.

It could be a coincidence that the driver’s negligence following the rider’s negligence led to the deadly crash. The accident occurred in the dark, and both the motorcyclist and driver had limited visibility before the crash. There may be a likelihood of the government’s negligence arising from inadequate lighting on that freeway.

It could be possible that multiple parties could be liable for the deadly crash. In that case, California’s pure comparative negligence rule allows injured victims to bring a civil action, even if they’re responsible for the accident. However, their degree of fault will affect the damages they may recover.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help investigate the tragic thanksgiving crash and determine the liable parties.

Who Could Be At-fault for the East Lake Driver Intersection Motorcycle Crash?

It is the responsibility of motorists to ensure reasonable care while driving their vehicles. They could be responsible for the consequences if they break any traffic rules. Whether they were speeding or distracted behind the wheel, drivers are liable for any injuries arising from their negligence.

At the same time, motorcyclists must also follow the same traffic rules applied to motorists. They must ensure reasonable care while riding their vehicle to prevent accidents. They would be responsible for the damages if the accident occurred due to negligence.

In the Seminole County accident on thanksgiving, the residents spoke to the media about how accidents at the intersection occurred far too often. Driving through an intersection is already confusing enough for many drivers, but if there are no traffic lights to guide motorists and motorcyclists, it can result in devastating accidents.

It could be possible that the government’s negligence arising from the lack of traffic lights at the intersection caused the accident. In such cases, the injured parties or surviving family members (in most cases, the decedent’s estate) can bring a civil action and hold the government responsible for their negligence.

Reputable law firms have the resources to investigate accidents to determine the liable parties. Victims must speak to experienced personal injury attorneys to learn more about their rights and legal options.

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