Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Travis Scott Over AstroWorld Case?

The mass casualty incident resulted in an investigation by the Houston Police Department and multiple suits. A $2 billion lawsuit was filed on behalf of almost 300 people against Apple Music, Drake, and others by the U.S. Attorney.

The latest lawsuit against Travis Scott claims that Manuel Souza was assaulted and trampled by the wild crowd at November 5, 2021, performance, causing severe bodily injuries.

The officials managing the Houston event and Scott have blamed one another for failing to prevent the deadly crowd surge, with both claiming that they did not have the power to do so.

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The latest injured concertgoer has sued over the NRG Park accident. That person filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, the musician. The latter created and organized the Astroworld Festival days after the Astroworld Festival catastrophe, in which eight people died, and dozens were hurt in Houston, Texas.

The lawsuit also targets Live Nation, an entertainment firm, and Scoremore, a live music production/promotion company. Other defendants include AEG Presents (AEP), CMJ promoter; Bowery PresentsNYC; and Visionary Music Group.

The complaint against Travis Scott for the deaths of three people at the Astroworld concert claims that plaintiff Manuel Souza was knocked to the ground and stampeded by fanatical concertgoers on November 5, 2021, causing severe bodily damage.

Two more people recently died (9-year-old Ezra Blount and Texas A&M senior Bharti Shahani) as a result of their injuries from the ever-growing casualty list of concert attendees. Wrongful death attorneys may be busier as this death toll rises.

Case to End up In Multi-District Litigation (MDL)?

The use of MDL will enable the efficient management of cases that include numerous plaintiffs with substantially similar allegations against many defendants. A judge assigned to an MDL may group the claims and allow sharing of information among plaintiffs rather than requiring the same information from numerous defendants.

Judge Lauren Reeder of the 234th District Court of Harris County will most likely preside over the case once consolidated. Whether Travis Scott performs at NRG Park again or stays out of bankruptcy will likely turn on the criminal investigation by the police chief and his team.

If you or a loved one was injured at an entertainment event in California, an experienced personal injury lawyer could assist you. We will investigate the festival organizers and anyone else watching people die rather than helping those audience members.

Who Does the Lawsuit Blame For Causing the Astroworld Festival Fracas

Multiple defendants are facing multiple accusations of civil negligence that the plaintiff asserts caused the scattering charge of people at the concert, leading to many deaths and serious bodily injuries during the crowd surge to escape the Astroworld Music Festival.

The Souza lawsuit alleges:

  • Defendants failed “to properly plan and safely conduct the concert.”
  • Defendants actively encouraged dangerous conduct on the part of concert attendees.
  • Defendants ignored “the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers.”

There were crowd surges early in Travis Scott’s set, which began soon after 9:00 PM. Officials started getting reports of injured people at the concert at about 9:30 PM. Local authorities soon declared Scott’s performance a deadly “mass casualty event.”

Scott Kept Playing as People At NRG Park Were Stampeded?

Scott, one of music’s most prominent young stars, continued performing during the crowd surge for over half an hour after the initial malaise. Crowd control and security guard staff did not stop the concert until approximately 10:10 PM.

At Least one Heart Attack?

The entire time, trampled concertgoers suffered (at least one cardiac arrest) and were crushed by the crushing crowd during the NRG Stadium / Astroworld tragedy, according to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The Music Played On As CPR Was Administered?

Yes! Even as attendees received CPR and were carried from the venue on gurneys, rapper Drake played music and spotted his rhymes. For the concert promoter to ignore security like this raises critical concerns for the devastated parents and loved ones down to the youngest victim suffering severe injuries.

Amounts Sought Over Mass Casualty Event?

The latest lawsuit arising from the mass casualty situation seeks to hold Drake responsible for monetary damages of over $1,000,000. The plaintiff asks the jury to determine the fair monetary damages to cover the concertgoer’s health from the awful trauma.

No Crowd Surge, No Lawsuits?

The plaintiff’s lawyers believe the defendants, including security guards, should have to pay the plaintiff Souza for failing to utilize a security plan to control the rowdy crowds. For that, a plaintiff’s attorney Gary Dordick thinks they should pay.

Scott’s Kneejerk Reaction to the Surge Forward at the Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott appeared confused as an ambulance drove into the concert venue. In his defense, he later stated that he did not know the severity of the situation. After hearing horrific accounts of concert victims, he filmed a video of himself giving a statement.

Scott Expressed Remorse Later

Ultimately, Scott’s attorney confirmed the Concert Promoter, Live Nation, NRG Park in Houston, and Scott were devastated by Harris County Sports Stadium fracas that deadly Friday night. Harris County and Convention Corporation, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., and Scott have a lot to explain!

More Astroworld Festival Lawsuits by Other Plaintiffs

As of November 17, 2021, two weeks after the concert disaster, plaintiffs had filed about 190 lawsuits. Within days of the Astroworld Festival tragedy, eight people died, and dozens received severe injuries in Houston; an injured concertgoer filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, the rapper.

Event Founded By Scott Himself?

Astroworld Festival was founded in 2018 by Scott, one of the world’s most renowned young musicians. He has a 3-year-old daughter with Kylie Jenner, who announced in September that she’s pregnant and expecting their second kid.

At least 17 lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott, Drake, and other concert promoters for failing event control at his concert; plaintiffs include concertgoers. Concertgoers have filed at least 17 claims alleging that Live Nation, ScoreMore, and other supporters involved with the event should be held responsible for the fatal crowd surge.

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