Jan 5, 2019

Does Whiplash Cause Permanent, Excruciating Pain?

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Yes it does. And this is why you should not act so fast to take that first offer of the insurer. Sadly, car accident lawyers will reject cases involving "soft tissue," or "whiplash." They say it does not rise to their damages threshold. But other lawyers will dig a little deeper and want to look at CT Scans or MRI's before they reject your case.

And rightly so. Even soft tissue injuries can ruin a life. But qualified spine injury lawyers go the extra mile to rule this out before rejecting a case. Whiplash often causes permanent, excruciating pain.

Light Stimulus Test.

Chronic whiplash can result in neuropathic pain. Abnormal neural activity in the brain or spinal cord brings it forth. The nerves fire at a lower than usual threshold. Typical problems occur during stimulation or touching.

To a healthy person, this stimulus typically registers as a light pressure applied to the skin. But not so with individuals tainted with this terrible condition. But in their case, the skin getting stroked has become hypersensitive. Now it registers the light pressure as being painful.

Some patients with chronic whiplash have demonstrated symptoms of hypersensitivity. These patients also show permanent neuropathic pain with no cessation. Some patients solely have chronic whiplash. Others have permanent hypersensitivity. Sadly, this remains a long-term condition.

Healthcare professionals prescribe drugs for these types of pain. Much of it was not meant for this purpose. But in many cases, the FDA approves these meds. So then, the FDA says they are ok for use in patients with these particular types of medical conditions.

Off-Label Pain, Drugs Are Expensive and May Not Work.

There are many drugs commonly used for whiplash pain. All of them cost money. If you don't have insurance, you can go broke. You need money from the person that harmed you for this medicine. Also, some have not become approved for pain management by the FDA. These include Klonopin, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Tegretol, and several others. Also, some proof exists that these drugs are ineffective for chronic whiplash treatment.

They are still frequently prescribed off-label and for other reasons. One of the primary treatments for chronic whiplash remains chiropractic care. Also, this currently accounts for therapy in about 36% of all whiplash victims. It focuses on the most natural and rapid type of healing for this medical condition.

Medical specialists, general practitioners, and acupuncturists treat the other 64% of chronic whiplash cases in the United States. Large and small studies have gotten published. The most important have dealt with the safety of chiropractic care. One of the reviews got done by the very famous and highly cited orthopedic surgeons in the UK. The doctors are named Gargan & Bannister.


The information from these peer studies is second to none. Case treatment for chronic whiplash still gets done by a significant percentage of mainstream healthcare professionals. But they should be using more efficient methods outlined by the below study.

In conclusion, whiplash can be far more severe than people think. In fact, whiplash pain can become permanent and excruciating. So without proper treatment, it can worsen. Proper care remains very relevant. Often a lawyer will be necessary to enforce payments for medical care.


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