Jan 3, 2019

New Bike Regulations Introduce Fines for Close By Drivers

Injured rider
Man fallen from his bike

Bicycling in California can be sheer pleasure. The high topography and weather year-round have made the Golden State one of the premier biking regions. Bicyclists from across the country come to the state to compete or ride around for fun. With the many bikers from and around the state, there are many actions that the state legislature has done intended to make the roads safer.

There were 124 bicycle fatalities on California's roads in 2012 according to the state Office of Traffic Safety. This figure is higher than 2011's value. And in turn, this was higher than in 2010. The increase led to the state doing multiple things to try and protect riders on the road.

CVC Section 21760.

One of the chief parts of legislation was CVC Section 21760, the Three Feet for Safety Act. The act, which became effective in September 2014 according to the DMV's website, causes drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet distance when passing.

When violated, drivers must pay a $35 fine and if a collision is involved, the fee increases to $220. Coupled with administrative fees and local penalties, the real price paid by drivers can be significantly higher.

With the high number of cars on the roads, riding a bike must always come with particular cognizance of who or what is on the way. Many parts of the state are extremely bicycle friendly and others, like the Los Angeles area, are not. Because of this, it can be more challenging to ride in traffic. No matter what the case, pay attention remains vital to your surroundings and ensuring your safety.

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