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    Norristown ‘Smart’ School Buses Will Be Able to Track Offending Cars

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    Norristown ‘Smart’ School Buses Will Be Able to Track Offending Cars

In December 2022, Norristown was on the news a couple of times. The Stewart Middle School Facebook account recently posted how Mr. Dooner’s Jr scientists had a wonderful experience cooking healthy meals. In a newly introduced program, the young learners enjoyed cooking with Ms. Caroline from Food Trust and learned about the benefits of healthy cooking.

But we’re not here to discuss students learning to cook delicious meals. We’re here to review the latest technology implemented in Norristown school buses to help track offending cars. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our school bus personal injury attorneys.

Norristown Adopts Security Technology to Protect School Children

Officials expect bus rides to be safer for school children in Norristown after fitting the yellow school buses with a new automated enforcement program.

BusPatrol, a company specializing in tech, has joined hands with the Norristown police and the school district to outfit the existing school buses with high-security technology that detects the license plates of vehicles that illegally pass the bus.

According to Jean Souliere, the CEO of BusPatrol, the technology aims to make Pennsylvania and its roads safer for children and others. He stated that identifying drivers who violate traffic rules can help educate drivers on road rules and bring down traffic violations in the city.

Once the bus captures the video of drivers illegally passing the school bus, it automatically sends the footage to law enforcement authorities to review and issue a citation. Chichester and Southeastern Delco school districts are also working with BusPatrol to implement the latest security technology.

Can the AI-powered School Bus Safety Program Prevent Accidents from Happening?

Let’s all cut through the facade of an AI-powered school bus safety program that helps make streets “much safer.” In simpler words, these cameras fitted onto a school bus capture footage of vehicles illegally passing the school.

There is serious doubt over how advanced is the AI technology provided by BusPatrol. If you do a quick Google search on the company, you’ll find negative reviews by drivers who received citations when it was the driver in front of them illegally passing the school bus and not them! Besides, how does citation even make roads safer?

Also, who reviews the footage, police officers or a hired staff member? Can they read the number plates from the footage, or do they know what kind of vehicle it is?

There Are Other Ways to Allocate Tax-payers Funds Efficiently

Let’s be real. If the government wants to reduce road accidents, it can allocate funds to programs that make a difference. Otherwise, this is another hard-earned taxpayer’s money going down the drain.

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