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Oakland Athletics Pitcher, Brandon McCarthy Recovered From His TBI?

Would Doctors Describe It As a Close Call? 

Athletics starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy of the Oakland Athletics was recovering from a traumatic brain injury he sustained in a game against the Los Angeles Angels.

When he got hit by a line drive off the bat of one of the opposing players in September, he suffered brain damage while already dealing with a recovering shoulder injury.

He had an epidural hematoma, a skull fracture, and a brain contusion. McCarthy got hospitalized for about three weeks, undergoing brain surgery during that time.

They considered McCarthy’s head injury fatal, and it looked bad, but he made a full recovery, which he thanks his physicians for.

We share the full story of what happened on the field that past Sept and how our friendly and charismatic lawyers can help you push through with this kind of catastrophe!

Did Brandon McCarthy Fully Recover from a Skull Fracture and Brain Contusion?

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury 

Traumatic brain injuries can occur due to a variety of factors, such as working with hazardous chemicals or being in a car accident.

These can happen in sports such as baseball or football, when physical contact with other players or an unintentional blow from a fast-throwing ball may result in a life-threatening injury. The repercussions, depending on the degree of the injury, could be disastrous.

The Recovery Process

Victims of brain damage must deal with both the physical and financial consequences of these injuries. They have to deal with lost pay and medical expenditures as a result of the accident. Years of therapy and rehabilitation are sometimes required for brain injury victims.

This aggressive medical treatment could financially ruin a family. A traumatic brain injury may be incredibly difficult for both the person and his or her family to cope with.

It is not negligent to hit a line drive during a professional baseball game. When brain damage results from someone else’s negligence, the victim may receive compensation. This may be in the form of lost wages, medical expenses, future medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

Athletic Pitcher, Brandon McCarthy Recovery Story

Brandon McCarthy, the famous pitcher, was resting in his hospital bed after surgery regarding a fracture, contusion, and epidural hemorrhage due to a line drive that struck his head while he was throwing, the day before a major game.

His wife, Amanda, and other athletes were all concerned about the report. Everyone thought it was his last season as a player. 

Sean Doolittle, A’s reliever stated, “It was a quiet flight” and, “I think a lot of guys were thinking about him. We’re hoping that the more news we get, it’s going to continue to be good news.”

McCarthy was aware and sleeping in a nearby intensive care unit in a hospital after a two-hour surgery that took place on a Wednesday night, according to the team release at the time. The operation was necessary to relieve pressure on his head from the blood build-up in his brain. 

Earlier that evening, the professional had a CT scan, which confirmed the damage. This operation relieved pressure on his brain. A rip in a person’s middle meningeal artery, situated directly beneath one’s temporal bone in their skull, can cause an epidural hemorrhage.

At the Eden Medical Center, Dr. Jeffrey Randall had unlimited access. He is the head of neurosurgical trauma located in Castro Valley and stated, “If left unchecked, this could be very serious or fatal, but if recognized and treated quickly, the outlook is usually very good.”

According to the press release, that Thursday, his third CT scan “demonstrated improvement from his previous scan, and the epidural hemorrhage had subsided.”

McCarthy moved from Alta Bates Summit Medical Center to an undisclosed hospital on a Wednesday evening for his surgery. Prior to flying to Seattle for the three-game series, to compete against the Mariners, the A’s members knew of McCarthy’s operation during a team meeting inside the charter plane.

McCarthy got struck by a line drive, which Erick Aybar of the LA Angels smashed during the fourth innings of the play while pitching. He immediately slumped to the ground after he got struck; however, a few minutes later, he rose back to his feet and left the field on his own. He was recovering from a shoulder injury as well. 

Statements During the Season

Patients are generally discharged from their hospital after a few days following their surgery in straightforward circumstances, according to Randall.

He went on to say that it would be approximately weeks or months before the patient is ready to resume vigorous activities. But that McCarthy’s injury was “not necessarily a career-threatening injury.”

He feels/ thinks McCarthy may resume activity after he receives sufficient rest. Travis Blackley and Dan Straily, triple-A starter, went to Seattle with his team and were McCarthy’s replacements during the time.

Several Arizona players expressed their compassion for McCarthy and their wife, Amanda, on social media platforms, such as Twitter and the news.  

“Again, thank you for the thoughts and prayers; they are not going unnoticed,” his wife, Amanda McCarthy said, ” He has the best fans.” Amanda was by his side throughout the entire time. 

“Our first concern is Brandon’s health, and we’re heartened to learn he has shown progress in his recovery after surgery,” added A’s general manager, Billy Beane, in a statement. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys 

Whether a professional pitcher or not, people have the risk of experiencing a traumatic brain injury; this is the worst feeling for both the victim and their family. Not everyone has fully recovered from these events the way McCarthy, the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, did.

To increase your chance of successful treatment, engage with a TBI attorney to help you recover compensation. At Ehline Law Firm, we fight for your rights so that your life can return to normal and you do not miss a thing! Call us at (213) 596-9642 or email us today to receive a free case evaluation.


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