Jan 5, 2019

Older Drivers May Suffer Long-Term Pain After an Accident

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A study shows senior drivers may suffer lasting pain after a car crash. Therefore, the pain can affect daily activities.

What About the Doctor's Study?

The study headed by doctors and a research team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was to understand elder pain. They found car crashes as the second cause of continued pain and form of trauma for seniors. Another thing the study found is that four out of five senior crash victims will suffer long-lasting pain. It can take weeks or months after a crash to do necessary daily activities without problems.

The goal of the research is to find ways to prevent the harm from increasing discomfort.

Who were the Participants?

The study consisted of over 150 people over the age of 65 that went to the hospital after a car accident for treatment of minor injuries. The study did not include older patients who suffered more severe harm like a head injury or fractures.

In the beginning, over 75% of the people in the study reported pain from moderate to severe since the crash at the hospital emergency room. When researchers looked six months later still more than a quarter of the crash victims always complained of severe pain.

What's the Deal With Trauma and elders?

Another study researchers found had similarities with people with the most lasting pain suffered injuries to the head, neck, jaw, back or legs. Furthermore, the study also showed people with chronic pain often had less education and symptoms of depression before the accident. They compared this with crash victims without chronic pain.

Head trauma's linked to cognitive failure in older adults. Researchers feel the way to deal with chronic pain is early treatment. They also suggest increased physical activity. Whiplash is one of the common crash injuries Michael Ehline said. It's also harm that might not have immediate symptoms diagnosed. Adrenaline and other bodily mechanisms can act to suppress pain, sometimes for days after a traumatic event.

As it is part of the spinal cord, the brain must be guarded from impacts. Pain can be long-term and severe. Harm like this can happen even in a minor crash. Also, it can cause chronic pain at any age. Chronic pain means long-term treatment.  So this is one of the costly health problems.

The Los Angeles car accident attorney said there are numerous car crashes daily in Southern California. Living with chronic pain is difficult. But it also causes a risk of another injury if the person is involved in an accident. Our law office handles claims for all kinds of accidents including car crashes. Last, the most common harm appears to be to the head, neck, or spinal cord.

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