Jun 30, 2020

Paper Shredder Office Injury Information

Injuries Caused by a Common Office Object?

The office paper shredder is among the most common objects in the modern office. Public and private offices, large and small, each use the paper shredder. Depending on the need, these shredders can be different sizes and capacities. As a result, such shredders cause different injuries and risks. The largest risk is for children. Normal shredders have finger guards against potential injury.

These prevent adult fingers from entering into the shredding mechanism. They are not perfect, but often enough to prevent severe damage. However, this is not the same for children's fingers. Their slender digits fit between the guard spaces. This results in horrible mangling injuries in cases where children get into the shredder. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the majority of such injuries occur to children each year.

Preventing Paper Shredder Injuries.

There are several means in which the shredder injuries are mitigated. This includes protection against the shredder itself, including:

  • Locking away the shredder when not in use. This is especially helpful if you have the shredder in your home.
  • Purchase a shredder with a smaller opening. This smaller opening makes it much less likely that children can wedge their fingers inside.
  • Unplug the shredder every day. This makes it much less likely that a small child could accidentally operate the shredder.

Each of these actions reduces the chance of injury, but none are perfect. Since paper shredders are necessary for the function of a modern office, and many homes, it is vital to keep them away from children. Damage to the digits or hands often has lifelong effects, which can be catastrophic for anyone-- especially kids.

If a child was injured due to such an accident, immediate medical attention is necessary. Furthermore, parents must ensure that such an accident does not happen. Personal injury attorneys are key in the recovery process in case of paper shredder injuries. Call (213) 596-9642 to learn more.