Sep 24, 2020

FACT CHECK: What The Press Didn't Tell You About Breonna Taylor

A Tempest Due To A Serious Case - What CNN Didn't Tell You.

Ben CrumpThe March 13th death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of police has galvanized protests and focus on police tactics. However, as more info emerged over the last six months, so has our understanding of the circumstances leading up to the death-- and why we need to learn about them. The narrative issued by the galvanized press at the time was that

The narrative from left-wing news stations was that Taylor was in bed and had been shot in cold blood by racist plainclothed police because she was black. Although Taylor was actually standing next to the shooter during the incident, the above news agencies failed to update their narrative in time to avoid inspiring BLM and ANTIFA to riot. The narrative became "systemic racism" is what caused the shooting of this innocent black woman in her sleep at the wrong apartment.

Fact Check: The Warrant Was Served at Wrong Apartment - False.

CNN and various Facebook, Twitter, and other posts asserted that Louisville police went to the wrong apartment when they served the no-knock warrant.

Ben Crump, a Florida personal injury attorney helping Taylor's family said on May 11 that police:

"..had the wrong address AND their real suspect was already in custody."

Copies of five Louisville police March 12 search warrants were part of a narcotics investigation. Taylor's name, birth date, and social security number are identified in her warrant, as well as the names of her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, and another man named Adrian Walker.

Fact Check: Taylor Was Sleeping In Bed When She Was Shot - False.

Although Taylor and Kenneth Walker were in bed when the cops started banging on the apartment door at around 12:40 a.m., Walker told police he and Taylor bolted out of bed as he grabbed his gun. As the police entered, Taylor was in the hallway, assuming it was her ex-boyfriend Glover. As Walker shot at the police, Taylor was struck by six bullets.

Promptly, the NFL and NBA jumped on board against the police and the U.S. flag. Unfortunately, like the George Floyd case, many in the press failed to report the criminal backgrounds, true facts, and status of the parties. As a result, he had riots and destruction of property based upon facts that were untrue. The results of the event and the aftermath are likely to spawn a whole new series of protests.

Below we discuss some of the key aspects of the shooting and investigation. As well as where we are likely headed from here. Michael Ehline is a real attorney. Ehline was attacked by officer Milleson of the West Covina Police, which inspired him to become a lawyer. After winning his civil rights case and getting false charges against him dropped, Ehline is all too aware that cops will break the law to save their jobs. But Ehline is white and he does not believe systemic racism had anything to do with him beating attacked, or most cases of police abuse in democrat, black run police departments. In fact, Ehline argues, it is government policies treating people like subjects, rather than as sovereigns, that lead to police abuse.

Unlike political-minded news reporters, Ehline will actually discuss what really happened. He's studied this case among other accusations of excessive force by police. As a result, Ehline writes a column on his site here on major events and legal issues. For more info or to interview Michael, contact him at or at the number below.

How Did Breonna Taylor Die?

This is a question that has been at the forefront of national attention for half a year now. With the press calling the burning of our cities "mostly peaceful protests," many people are left scratching their heads. The original reports on the shooting described Taylor as the victim of a no-knock police raid who was shot while lying in bed.

However, the department, and courts, not the rank and file law enforcement officer decides how and when to issue a regular warrant or a no-knock warrant. In cases of illegal drug raids, many criminals will destroy their illegal drugs, or begin to shoot at police if the suspects know the police are at their door. So for officer safety, police in some cases can break down the door without knocking.


  • The police, in fact, KNOCKED on the door and identified themselves as law enforcement carrying out a warrant.
  • Taylor's newest drug dealer boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a gun at the police as they entered the home.
  • The police promptly returned fire in the direction of the shooter, Walker. (Walker testified that he believed that the officers were unlawful intruders). The officers fired back 20 shots.
  • Taylor, who was NOT in bed, and who was standing next to Walker in the hallway, was hit six times by random bullets.
  • The police officers:
    • Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, 47.
    • Detective Myles Cosgrove, 42.
    • Detective Brett Hankison, 44.*
    • Joshua Jaynes, 38.

The above policemen were all involved in the defensive shooting as warrant executors. The lights were off in the home, and by the time the police gained entry, Taylor, who was standing next to Walker in the hallway was hit by several rounds.

  • According to the police report, the first three officers above fired into the apartment or in the vicinity after being shot at.
  • *Detective Hankison was previously reprimanded due to three different unsavory behavior incidents. (One included a car accident that injured a fellow officer. More details are coming out after a protracted investigation). In the case at bar, ex-officer Hankison was indicted for "wanton endangerment" in the first degree. Local police were unable to determine who's bullets struck who. So they asked the FBI for help. The FBI ballistics study indicates none of Hankison's rounds struck Taylor. But apparently, he was in charge of the operation, which endangered neighbors, hence the charge for shots fired towards other apartments in the complex where Taylor resided.
  • On June 1, 2020, interim police chief Schroeder replaced Chief Steve Conrad after evidence revealed officers in another incident failed to activate their body cameras as they were being shot at by rioters. Sadly, a fatal local black business owner, David McAtee, was killed during the peaceful riot/protest.
  • A black woman, Yvette Gentry, was promptly appointed as police chief to "address systemic racism & reimagine public safety," effective at the end of the month. 
  • Taylor's family sued the City of Louisville, and its democrat mayor agreed to promptly pay a record-breaking wrongful death settlement of $12 million.
  • The State's Democrat governor, upon learning the officers were not charged with murder in the Taylor case, claimed that "systemic racism" was the problem.
  • Two police officers were shot by BLM supporters once the governor made his declaration against the systemically "racist" police today.

The Grand Jury Decision.

The current protests were sparked by the end of the grand jury investigation. The investigation into three of the four police officers is now under major scrutiny. The city handed over the case to state Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Officer Hankison had previously been fired for his actions in June of 2020. Furthermore, the state grand jury charged Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment on Wednesday. However, none of the other officers involved were indicted. Furthermore, Hankison's pending charges are due to the events surrounding the raid. However, the charges are not specifically linked to the death of Ms. Taylor.

What is Wanton Endangerment?

This is the million-dollar question in the aftermath of the shooting. This goes beyond the basic supposition in the law of civil reckless actions. In cases of wanton endangerment, the conduct of the individual was beyond reckless. Kentucky law, where the shooting happened, has a specific statute regarding the charge.

508.060 Wanton endangerment in the first degree. (1) A person is guilty of wanton endangerment in the first degree when, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person. (2) Wanton endangerment in the first degree is a Class D felony.

As you can see, this action is a felony. Whether or not Officer Hankison committed this crime is now going to be up to a court of law. However, the grand jury weighed evidence surrounding the case in order to come to this conclusion. Furthermore, more detail about the shooting and the events before and after it has been revealed over the last several days.

What Changed?

One of the most stunning revelations of recent days is the fact that the raid was not a "no-knock raid." This has been the banner for protests across the country over the last several months. However, police did announce their presence and intention before entering the apartment. Furthermore, the warrant was served in the correct apartment, with Taylor specifically named. However, Taylor was not to be indicted due to the warrant.

Furthermore, the situation in the packed apartment also obfuscated the officers' ability to better understand what was happening. Put it all together, and you have the makings of an extremely complex situation. And so we are here. And with protests growing, the chances of a quick resolution or what anyone can call justice is lower. However, there is still hope that more info will emerge in criminal proceedings.

What Is Happening Now?

The situation is still fluid, with rioting starting in Louisville and protests elsewhere. In short, it looks like the situation may soon spiral out of control. This is a major concern, especially after the nation has been roiled by four months of nearly non-stop protests and riots. Now, less than two months before the next election, things are really starting to heat up. So much so, that assailants shot two police officers after the verdict. Robert Schroeder, the chief of police for the city announced that two officers were shot during the protest.

The right believes that CNN, MSNBC, and WaPo are trying to ignite a race war in order to deflect from the Epstein investigation and pedophilia at the highest levels of government and the media (Ala Harvey Weinstein).

The right also argues that California is moving full speed ahead to reduce penalties for pedophilia, effectively decriminalizing it via Senate Bill 145. Amid allegations that many in the press and in government are on tape raping children, this, the right argues, is the real reason BLM is being weaponized. Here, as a result of a grand jury investigation, no murder charges were brought against the police officers involved in the shooting.

Fortunately, neither officers' injuries were life-threatening. One was in surgery at the time of this writing. The other was stable and awake. In addition, 46 protesters were arrested during the aftermath of the grand jury decision. Meanwhile, there are current protests well beyond just Kentucky. So far we've seen protests as far away as New York and Chicago, as well as Seattle, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul. In fact, some of the protests even blocked traffic.

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