Oct 21, 2020

Poll - Will Google Alphabet Be Broken Up?

Not A Friendly Game of Monopoly?

Prolific author and free-thinking personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline.

For the first time, the federal government is making a major move against one of the new internet giants. Google, which dominates the search market, prides itself on being politically far left. Yet most of its business clients, especially those alleging they have been taken to the cleaners using paid search, accuse it of acting far more republican than the JP Morgans of the world. Teddy Roosevelt used populism to get his way.

So perhaps acting liberal while making billions is merely a means to end. But many business people are scared, even terrified, that some triggered, 20 something-year-old Millenial working as a programmer or coder at Google may not appreciate your pro-Jesus, pro-Trump post. If so, can they bake an anti-Christian business owner algorithm blacklist?

After what social media did to try and blackout real news tying Joe Biden and his son to illegal activities like bribery and illegal use of office for influence peddling, maybe so. And it doesn't help that undercover video proves that Twitter employees purposefully target Trump supporters for banning and censorship.

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It was learned that a NY Post Story uncovered millions in payouts to Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Afterward, polls indicated that users overwhelmingly think social media is in the tank for Democrats, even criminals.

So how does the other half of the population who own the small businesses and who are not college-educated leftists eat, sleep, or work when liberals in Silicon valley control their ability to market online or whether or not they will be silently blacklisted based upon their social profile or public voting status or political donations as a registered Republican? Even Donald Trump knew he had to donate to left-wing causes when he was in business. How else could he get variances and smooth transitions when developing land in the democrat strongholds of the east coast?

Google Executives Want Republicans Censored?

Former Google CEO and Twitter official Peter Greenberger hate MAGA supporters, especially Donald Trump. He is a fan of people having their thoughts and ideas censored and suppressed online until after the election.

Communist Twitter Thought Police

Despite a few of Google's employees protesting that the company helped the murderous communist Chinese government suppress its people, we did not hear stories of a mass employee exodus. Instead, we hear stories that this same Communist Chinese technology is now being used right here at home on behalf of the Democrat Party. Conservatives say that the new left is not the hippy who wants freedom and love and be left alone. No, many of these hippies became politicians and have moved far from what they once believed, but in the name of "tolerance." And conservatives say you need only look at what many Facebook or Twitter employees claim to think, namely, that anyone, not a leftist, is clearly a racist and a bigot and therefore is a "Nazi" who must be"silenced." Sounds a lot like Mao's Little Red book to me.

Or look at what Silicon Valley and their allies try to bury, shadowban or not cover. Look at the almost total media blackout on what is happening in Hong Kong. One of the greatest human rights violators, and hardcore enemy of Donald Trump, Communist China is basically building illegal islands in the South China Sea, flooding our already leftist colleges and politicians with political straw man donations. But what about the media blackout? This is the complaint we hear from the right.

But the right says that Democrats seem intent on replicating, rather than fighting the idea of a single party system with concentrated and political power enforced by censorship or "fact-checking."  However, Democrats say they are "woke" and will make us all equal and end systemic racism, etc. And most people in the 20 something crowd will rarely deny this is what the new movement is about.

And Peter Greenberger is not just a top past Google official speaking out of turn. Google's presently employed allies at Twitter and Facebook don't even try to hide it. In fact, at least one of Kamala Harris' campaign officials also works for Twitter and openly advocates censoring traditional values supporters. Harris was even trying to get her colleague to ban Trump's Twitter account.

Why Is the Left Remaining Silent?

So we can see that these complaints from the right do have a basis in reality from an evidentiary standpoint. What is remarkable here is that leftists are keeping silent, as if the pendulum could not swing back at them. It's almost as if no one remembers how the Nazis came into power and used these very same types of tools to target its own Jews who were considered too "privileged." ("white privilege?").

So to personal injury and civil rights lawyers who know history, it appears the hippy pendulum is swinging into the Stalinist or Maoist model. High party officials and the elite become the nobles, and the peasants have every aspect of their news censored. And the modern Stasi, the so-called fact-checker, will make sure you don't eat unless you sing the party line. And this is not an Orwell novel. This is happing in real-time and at light speed, so say conservatives. But again, these statements are based upon facts and not conjecture.

'"Twitter is so liberal that its conservative employees ‘don’t feel safe to express their opinions,’ says CEO Jack Dorsey “I don’t think that’s fair or right,” Dorsey says."'


Is Social Media Using The Algorithm Google Is Helping Build For Communist China To Hurt U.S. Citizens?

We see that Google hires very liberal, and even some ANTIFA types who support communism. These are the people who use crowdsourced and other data to write algorithms that can easily write you out! We see Google helping the Chinese Communist party violate its own citizens with social monitoring and filtering. Google even developed an algorithm to help the Communist Chinese keep their citizens from accessing or locating news stories that are negative towards Chinese politicians or the Chinese communist party.

Sounds eerily familiar to what Facebook and Instagram "fact-checkers" did to block a true story based upon Joe Biden's son making millions from throwing his dad's name around in exchange for political favors and money.

And we know the history of communist Chinese minders infiltrating our college system and using donors to give heavily to democrats like the Clintons. It has been alleged for years that the Chinese government officials have used suitcases full of cash to give tax-free money to Democrat politicians in exchange for going easy on China.

"Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.“Trie’s contributions purchased access for himself and Ng to the highest levels of our government,” the Senate report said." (Source).

The evidence shows that the left, especially those running the educational institutions, are heavily reliant on the Communist Chinese for money and power. If you don't like it, be prepared for riots. But Google and social media may have finally overreached enough to get the attention of swing voters. So now it is finally under heavy scrutiny. And contrary to what liberals have been saying about conservatives who complain about Google, it appears this may not be some "conspiracy" theory after all.

Facebook Employs Communist Chinese Censors To Assist Its "Fact Checkers?"

Apparently so. For example, it was apparently just revealed that Facebook uses experts in censorship from Communist China to help ban conservative, pro-American ideas. And we already know that Google is actually assisting the Chinese Communist government in censoring and tracking Chinese citizens who don't support a single party, communist system. Communist China's main enemies are its Muslims and Christians.

Conservatives say it's amazing how money can change the most liberal of minds. These are not made up of facts either. This is reality in real-time. For the first time since the antitrust action against Microsoft in the 1990s, the federal government is seeking relief on behalf of the United States. Will they get it? I'm not so sure, just yet.

There are many exhibits and much supporting documentation still to be revealed. Plus, with the election next month, much of the federal government's actions will come down to how the federal government will proceed. Or whether or not it will proceed at all. Put it all together, and it makes for an interesting case. Not just for consumers but also for the legal field. Join me for a look into some of the legal ramifications of this fight.

It's so darn interesting! To think-- a company that abandoned its mantra of 'don't be evil' may finally be dragged onto the red carpet. There's a lot more to go through, and I'm sure that I'll be writing a lot more about this in the future-- but I figured we would start here. To read more of my legal and news musings, click here for my legal blog. Or contact me at losangeles@ehlinelaw.com or the number below.

Why Is Google Being Sued By The Federal Government?

This part of the feds' action is the simplest, actually. The federal government alleges that Google used its business model and practices to create a monopoly over web searches. And from the standpoint of common means to search the web-- they have a point.

Let's take a look at some of what we know so far. Or feel free to read the original complaint here. The Department of Justice alleges that Google utilized "exclusionary agreements and anticompetitive conduct" to gain a near-monopoly status as the top of the internet search engine market. Furthermore, they allege that Google misused its power over advertising to squash their competitors. From the suit itself:

Google pays billions of dollars each year to distributors— including popular-device manufacturers such as Apple, LG, Motorola, and Samsung; major U.S. wireless carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon; and browser developers such as Mozilla, Opera, and UCWeb— to secure default status for its general search engine and, in many cases, to specifically prohibit Google's counterparties from dealing with Google's competitors. Some of these agreements also require distributors to take a bundle of Google apps, including its search apps and feature them on devices in prime positions where consumers are most likely to start their internet searches.

Speaking from experience, this all sounds familiar to me. Whether or not the DOJ can prove it in court is another matter. That will be something we all look on with great interest over the next several months and years. However, what is clear is that Google used a trail of abuse to gain and retain its number one status as a search engine provider. As a Google shareholder, I hope Google will abandon what appears to be hypocritical efforts and restores it is now-banned "don't be evil" trademark.

What Are The Consequences?

Boy, I know just typing these out makes it less likely that this article will rank on Google. Oh well, let's try it anyway. The Department of Justice did not explicitly call for the breakup of Google, aka Alphabet. However, that appears to be on the table. Furthermore, much of the feds' next actions will come down to whether or not Google as a company actually violated the law.

At that point, the federal government will have much more leverage to act against the company. This could include either breaking up the company into smaller pieces or forcing stock or control divestments. It is still unclear. However, for a tech giant in our day and age, the fact that Google is being challenged in such a way is a major win for the American people.

How Could This Case Affect Other Tech Titans?

The situation with Google is interesting all on its own. It also could provide a valuable precedent for future cases against other big tech companies. With the major tumult over Twitter and Facebook's decision to censor a story on Hunter Biden, there could be much more at play. Furthermore, as of this writing, Twitter had still not unlocked the New York Post's Twitter account.

Now it would appear that the other large tech companies may have something to answer for. This is especially the case if Republicans can keep control of at least one of Congress's houses. Some prominent Democrats are challenging the major power of the tech giants. Elizabeth Warren comes to mind. However, the companies' sharpest critiques-- and the closest we've gotten to major action comes to us through Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

So there is a fair chance that the next several years will see a major push to rein in so many of the tech industry's excesses. Why is this a big deal for Facebook and Amazon? Consider that its business platform is modeled similarly to that of Google. There are some differences, of course, but the general idea remains the same.

Google wanted to be the king of searches. It got that. Amazon wanted to be king of online buying. It has that. Furthermore, Facebook supplanted other major social media companies to take the most control. And Twitter has been reckless with some of its outright censorship. These are hallmarks of companies with too much power-- if not outright monopolies.

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