Jun 28, 2020

Portland Mayor’s Misstep Caused ANTIFA Panic We Face Today?

Unconstitutional Orders in Portland.

Much of the current unrest dates back to a number of missteps by Portland's city government over the last few years. With Portland a trendy place for young, rich ultra-liberals to move, its politics took a sharp turn to the left. As a result, the city government allowed for more extreme actions to take place. Of course, progressives would argue that the majority should decide the fate of others in the interest of the "public good."

But based upon their oaths of office, this is a severe dereliction of duty and a terrible precedent. Both for the city itself, the state of Oregon and for other cities across the country the Fidelity Bond has now become worthless. But on the other side of the coin, the left believes it is time to burn it down and create a socialist utopia such as exists in Cuba, started by the hero of many public school teachers unions, and tenured professors, Fidel Castro.

As groups such as ANTIFA become more powerful, the chances of more such incidents increase every day. One of the worst cases was due to the actions of Mayor Ted Wheeler. According to the Washington Times, Mayor Wheeler made major sops to ANTIFA during their previous riots. He ordered police in 2018 not to interfere with ANTIFA blocking traffic in the city. The demonstrators did not receive a permit for their protest.

Furthermore, this is not something that happened just once or twice. Portland is perhaps the worst city in the nation for such unrest. The Times quoted journalist Andy Ngo as calling it "routine" street anarchy. Wheeler, of course, deferred the topic. He decided to instead blame the issue on conservatives. He said that he would take criticism from "Fox News."

How it Affects You Today.

We have all heard in law school and on the news, that police have zero duty to protect us. And gun laws, spearheaded by the State of California, have eroded the ability of law-abiding citizens to confidently defend themselves. So many Americans are left totally confused as to their self-defense rights, and right to conduct business without being molested by anarchists. By neglecting the civil rights of motorists and allowing their harassment on Portland's streets, Ted Wheeler set the stage for the current unrest.

Portland is one of the hottest places for current ANTIFA action and Black Lives Matters protests. The combination of poor leadership, unconstitutional orders, and coddling earlier protests only made things worse for businesses and people who support free markets and individual rights.

Supporters of traditional America say Portland is worse off for it, as are other cities facing incitement from ANTIFA and similar groups. Many historians and Constitutional lawyers believe that Mayor Wheeler should do the honorable thing and step own. The only problem is that he'll likely be replaced by someone even worse from the perspective of business owners.

Part of mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone’s platform has been removing all armed police officers from Portland public schools and dissolving the city’s Gun Violence Reduction Team — moves Wheeler only recently took — along with requiring future police officers to live in the city where they work before being hired. Only about 20% of the force currently lives within city limits. (Source).

For example, publicly, shop owners sing the party line with faith groups that we will make Portland a better place. But privately, many mom and pop shops say mayor Wheeler should step down right away and let the police protect their licensed businesses that actually pay the taxes. "You need a permit to protest. And protests must be peaceful," said a Portland shop owner on the condition of anonymity and that we would not name her business. She said that "due to the fear generated by ANTIFA and other groups like BLM, many shop owners are silently shutting down and leaving Portland to the mob."

In the meantime, law-abiding citizens are left wondering what to do, as banks are burned, shops torched, and even their own local courthouse ransacked by Marxists, Anarchists, BLM, and ANTIFA supporters. On the other side of the coin are the homeless and peaceful protesters caught in the middle. What side do you come down on? Is there a way to allow professional communists dedicated to a philosophy of dismantling individual rights and economic freedom, to live side by side with those who work for a living? Sound off.

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