Dec 30, 2019

Reminder: December is Impaired Driving Awareness Month

Impaired Driving
Impaired Driving

A Reminder to Stay Sober Behind the Wheel.

December is Impaired Driving Awareness Month, which is doubly important this holiday season. As New Year's Day approaches, all inebriated Carlsbad drivers need to make sure to keep off the road. Of course, this doesn't just involve yourself. If you see or know anyone considering getting behind the wheel while cognitively unable, make sure to stop them.

Many drivers tend to think of impairment as solely having to do with alcohol. However, as research and crime stats consistently show, this includes the use of other drugs as well. So this can consist of a variety of recreational and prescription drugs, including sedatives.

And many regular prescriptions intended to help people sleep are significant causes of DUI, such as Ambien. All of this combined leads to some of the highest proportions of impaired driving arrests and fatal accidents. First Coast News reported on the critical distinction. Most of all, considering the high cost of drunk and impaired driving, this is something to which all drivers should pay attention.

A Serious, and Often Fatal Issue.

Drinking and driving, as well as other impaired driving crimes, have an enormous human toll. California leads the nation in the number of overall drunk driving accidents. The state ranks at the top with 1120 such accidents, with Florida second at 839. As a result, due to the dual holidays of Christmas and New Year's, December makes total sense as the awareness month. For all of us attending holiday parties and more, make sure that you keep the roads a little safer. You, your kids, and all of us will be very appreciative of it.

The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC in Carlsbad, CA cares deeply about these issues-- one drunk driving accident is too many. That is why Ehline Law sponsored a MADD walk in Carlsbad and supported efforts to end drunk driving in California once and for all.

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