• San Diego Officials Host Elder Abuse and Scam Prevention Workshop

    San Diego Officials Host Elder Abuse and Scam Prevention Workshop

San Diego Officials Host Elder Abuse and Scam Prevention Workshop

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office and other local San Diego elected officials are holding a scam prevention community workshop to talk about elder abuse. In a way, we civil elder abuse lawyers work hand in hand with prosecutors to stop elder abuse. Our job as civil lawyers is to get the family, senior citizens, and other elder abuse victims financial compensation. The job of the DA and its criminal financial crimes enforcement network, including the police, is to lock up criminals who violate our seniors using elder financial exploitation and physical violence risk to control finances.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Elder Abuse Unit is responsible for investigating crimes against elder and dependent adults within its unincorporated areas and contract cities. Along with other law enforcement agencies in SD, the agency is committed to ensuring that those who commit such crimes are brought to justice. Local law enforcement remains vital in discovering such abuse as well as suspected financial exploitation in elder abuse cases.

In California, the law defines elders as individuals who are 65 years old or older. On the other hand, dependent adults are individuals who have mental and physical limitations that prevent them from carrying out their regular activities. Elder justice could involve the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and be led by a Deputy District Attorney leading adult protective services and seeking help from federal agencies to end domestic violence by predators.

What Can I Do Today?

Committing crimes against the elderly and infirm or even an older adult who is dependent is one way to promote public awareness. To make suspicious activity reports against those suspected of abuse or neglect of elder adults, call the San Diego County’s Elder Abuse Hotline at 800-510-2020. If you or a loved one is an elder or dependent abuse victim, contact the San Diego Sheriff’s Department at 858-564-5200. Please visit this link to learn more about the Take Me Home program.

Elderly Abuse

Types of Elder and Dependant Adult Abuse in San Diego, CA

  • Physical assault: Physical abuse can be inflicted on an elder or dependent adult. It can come in the form of striking, pushing, and physical restraint.
  • Sexual assault: Sexual exploitation, non-consensual acts, and sexual assault are some of the types of abuse that can occur against an elder or dependent adult.

Other types of abuse can include:

  • Financial exploitation
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft.

In most cases, neglect is the lack of food, shelter, and other basic needs for an elderly or dependent adult. This organization provides a list of different types of abuse against elder adults.

Possible Signs of Elder Abuse

Signs of abuse include bruises, cuts, and fractures. Other unexplained injuries can also accompany them.

Some of the signs of abuse include:

  • Changes in behavior: If a medical professional believes that an individual is being abused, they should immediately report the issue as “mandatory reporters.”
  • Preventing guests: A caregiver suspect may also prevent visitors from seeing the elder alone. This is quite common among lawbreaker predators.

Here are some resources you can look up till the elder abuse seminar.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a person’s personal information is stolen and used for unlawful purposes. In order to prevent this type of crime, one should never provide any personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call.

  • The Identity Theft Resource Center can help individuals prevent their personal information from being stolen and used for unlawful purposes. It is important to remember never to provide any personal information over the phone.
  • The Federal Trade Commission also warns about identity theft. This crime involves the unauthorized use of a person’s personal information.

Elder Scams

Criminal gangs and Mexican drug cartels are targeting the elderly by creating various scams that are designed to steal their money. These types of scams often appear to be legitimate opportunities to help the needy, but they are not. Victims should always be aware that these types of fraudsters are making their living by tricking others into giving them money, which is a form of elder abuse called “financial abuse.”

To learn more about scams, or to protect a loved one, go to one of the following links:

On the KUSI Morning Show, City Council Member Marni von Wilpert talked about the upcoming event that will help raise awareness about elder abuse. There will be financial professionals from financial institutions, like credit unions, elder abuse lawyers, and others, who will address personal issues elders face. It will be on Wednesday, March 22, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. The location is the Country Club of San Diego, where these elected officials will be holding a free community meeting about scams.

I will likely be attending and offering my legal advice with respect to handling criminal and civil aspects of these cases, including common scams involving Medicaid Services, as well as bringing private attorney general actions to protect our elders and military vets from a time long passed. Elder justice is just a community meeting away, so let’s form a working group today.

You can reach our elder abuse lawyers at (833) LETS-SUE if you want to act as a co-director or acting director and explore ways to help older Americans. In life, we all have an important role in sharing stories and rooting out crime. If you seek to create a better San Diego, join us for additional information and legal assistance!


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