Aug 25, 2020

TN School Privacy Case a Trojan Horse for Political Indoctrination

A Sign Of Orwellian School Issues To Come?

COVID 19One school district's decision to limit parent interaction isn't going over well with overtaxed parents in Tennessee. In fact, there's been a popular revolt against one school district's efforts to restrict what parents can overhear in the virtual classrooms. The school district relented, but the story made the national news. This not only brings up the question of policy and coursework at one particular school but also about the nationwide trend.

This is made especially important due to the remote and difficult nature of teaching online during the Age of the Coronavirus. FoxNews obtained the document and recently did a segment on the controversy. The Rutherford School District declared parents unable to listen in to their students' lessons. The school district cited privacy concerns. However, considering the one-way style of online teaching, such an argument falls more than a bit flat. It also raises questions for the school itself and some of the forms of online learning many districts turned to due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

After pressure, the district did allow for some limited parental oversight, if approved by the teacher. However, the fight over parents checking on what their students are learning is just one coming this fall. Parents have a lot on their minds. There is always the risk of COVID transmission. The state of the economy and layoffs. And of course, the education of their youngsters. The different set of online classes also allows schools more flexibility in some ways.

For teachers looking to indoctrinate their students, there is a major risk for parents. Not every parent wants to hear the latest political buzzwords coming from their children's mouths. Below we look into the phenomenon and what we might be looking at in the fall term.

The Fight In Schools.

Unfortunately, the example at the Rutherford School District in TN is not alone. There is significant concern about the format of different teaching methods. Not just the digital format restricting student outcomes. There is a significant concern that schools will use their teaching platforms as a political statement. We see this through the statements of a Philadelphia teacher writing on Twitter.

Matthew R. Kay wrote about his concern that parents would object to what the teachers fed their students. Kay called such parents "helicopter" or "snowplow" parents. He specifically cited their concerns over "honest conversations" about gender and sexuality. He continued, clarifying his point. Kay wrote that conservative parents were his chief concern (although he did mention that some left-wing parents may also cause a problem).

He fretted over the idea that others would listen in to these lessons. "We’ll never be quite sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work?" Kay stated in his writings that the school district would be hard at the "messy work" of "destabilizing a kid's racism or homophobia or transphobia." If all of this sounds concerning, it should. This case or the one in TN is not alone. Instead, we face the risk of systematic use of politics on our young people.


Even the Soviet Union recognized that changing the points of view of a society does not happen overnight. Soviet agents infiltrated American institutions, especially in education to prove this. Furthermore, similar changes happened in the People's Republic of China after the Chinese Civil War. The results were large scale efforts to reshape society, from the children up. Let's stick with the China example. The Reds won in 1947 and pushed through a number of disastrous policies.

This included the Great Leap Forward of the next decade, which killed up to 50 million people. A decade after that, the new generation was coming of age. Mao used this as a cudgel against those who did not follow the party program or could pose a risk. The Cultural Revolution used the zeal of youth the byproduct of poor education. The results were terrible-- killings, public shaming, public banishment.

It turned out to be a major catalyst in Chinese history We are not quite up to that stage. Hopefully, we will never get there. However, systematic efforts to brainwash our youth are clear as day. Furthermore, it happens without the watchful eye of their parents. Put all of this together, and the recent political radicalism will be the textbooks and study of the next generation. We have a chance to check this now.

Our opportunity is unique due to the nature of the Coronavirus. If we don't act now, there may never be a similar chance again. Once the Cultural Revolution begins, it is very difficult to stop. And when it is, it is always too late. Keep an eye on cases like this to explain where our kids' education is headed.

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney in the Ehline Law Firm APLC Personal Injury Attorneys based out of Los Angeles, CA. He and his team specialize in several fields, including childhood injuries and civil rights issues. Mr. Ehline is a former lobbyist in DC for transport safety issues. As a father himself, nothing is more important to him than the safety of our nation's children. The current pandemic means that there is a major concern over education.

Many schools are in uncharted territory. Without a lot of oversight, there remains a chance they'll get this challenge wrong. Moreover, that's why Ehline writes these columns as a chance to share his perspective on events and topics of the day. He uses his decades of experience to explain the concerns to the audience. For more info, keep reading the article below.

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