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    Scottish Man’s Crotch ‘Smeared in Peanut Butter’ Before Dog Bit off His Genitals

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    Scottish Man’s Crotch ‘Smeared in Peanut Butter’ Before Dog Bit off His Genitals

Scottish Man’s Crotch ‘Smeared in Peanut Butter’ Before Dog Bit off His Genitals

In 2018, an incident occurred whereby an Old English bulldog ripped off a man’s genitals after the man smeared them in peanut butter. As bizarre as the shocking incident sounds, let’s explore it with Ehline Law and our Los Angeles, California dog bite attorneys. Ehline used to live in Scotland and loves its people. However, Ehline relates that the Scots are a warrior culture and the dogs they keep tend to reflect this to large degree.

Man’s Genitals Bitten by a Bulldog after Smearing Food Spread

On November 2, 2018, the Scottish police received an alarming phone call from neighbors. The neighbors reported hearing barking noises from a flat in Haddington. Upon reaching the apartment at 2:30 PM, the police saw a man lying unconscious on the floor in his own blood and barking at Biggie Smalls, an Old English bulldog.

Injured Man Fights for Life after Being Discovered Unconscious, Lying on the Floor with Genitals Bitten

Emergency crews raced the young man to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for medical treatment. Although the medical staff was able to save the man’s life, they could not reattach his genitals.

According to the police source, the 22-year-old unnamed man had applied peanut butter or some other food spread on his crotch before the savagery ensued, leaving the man in an induced coma.

Man Recovers and Moved from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for Questioning

After successfully saving the man’s life, the medical team moved him to Western General Hospital in Edinburgh for recovery. Once conscious, the man started assisting police in knowing more about the accident.

When the police reached the flat, they immediately restrained Biggie Smalls before taking him to a kennel where they would decide the animal’s fate.

After discussions with Crown Office, Scottish SPCA, and the East Lothian Council Dog Warden, the Police Scotland spokeswoman said they would put the bulldog down.

Owner Voluntarily Signed Documentation Consenting; Police Confirms

Biggie Smalls’s owner voluntarily signed documentation consenting to euthanize his pet. The owner’s friend spoke to Daily Record, telling them what an absolute angel Biggie was. He stated that Smalls was such a nice dog who got a bit freaked out by noise but liked his belly rubbed.

In Scotland, dog owners are strictly liable under the Animals (Scotland) Act 1987 for any damages arising from their pet dog biting others. However, the cops confirmed that no one was charged in the incident.

What Would Happen If a Bulldog Bit Someone’s Genitals in the United States?

In the incident, “Scottish man’s crotch smeared in peanut butter before dog bit off his genitals, no one was charged. However, things would be slightly different if this happened in the United States.

Most states impose liability on dog owners for dog bites, even if the dog has had a good record. However, some states, including Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, and Maryland, follow the one-bite rule, which protects dog owners from liability if the dog does not have a past incident of biting an individual.

If a person suffers injury in a state following the one-bite rule, they must prove that the dog has bitten somebody before to recover compensation.

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