Jun 10, 2020

Seeking Punitive Damages Following a Dog Bite in California

Weighed Against the Circumstances and Liability.

Punitive damages are designed to punish an evil-doer so they won't do it again, and to show the public this behavior is intolerable. They are considered extraordinary losses and usually based upon outrageous conduct beyond ordinary negligence.

To begin with, the first thing you or a loved one should do after a dog bite attack is to seek immediate medical attention. Quality medical care is necessary whether the attack appears to be a mere scratch or a severe ripping bite. Furthermore, such care also allows you to reduce the chance of infection or the transmission of rabies.

After medical treatment, your family may be considering its legal rights and options. This is where the role of a legal professional, such as the trusted attorneys of the Ehline Law Firm APLC, is necessary. Such vaunted experts are necessary to chart your next decisions. No two cases are exactly alike and often result in different legal advice when it comes to seeking punitive damages.

Understanding the Ferocity of the Dog's Attack.

In many cases, such a lawsuit depends on the circumstances surrounding the actual attack. These may include:

  • Extent of medical injuries. The harsher the injury, the increased chance of a suit. Common dog bite injuries include contusions, ripping injuries, bleeding, soft tissue damage, and post-traumatic stress. A skilled attorney weighs each of these with the long term cost of treatment and rehab. The lawyer may also consult with experts to determine the loss of other elements of the injured's life. This often includes loss of earning potential. In other cases, this includes loss of enjoyment of life with family or loved ones. But punitive damages look at prior acts by the dog and the viciousness to determine duties owed beyond ordinary negligence damages.
  • Liability of the dog owner. This includes whether the owner acted intentionally or recklessly. Often, dog restraints or lack thereof is a key determinant. In addition, whether the dog attacked before weighing punitive damages. Lawyers also consider the role of training-- or lack thereof-- played in the attack.

It is an inexact science, determining the weight of punitive damages liability after an attack. Also, insurance won't cover punitive damages because bad people would start buying insurance and harm people intentionally because they have nothing to lose.

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