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Self Driving Car Crash and Death

“This accident is the first of these resulting in the death of the driver. This was not in California this time.”
Self driving meter
The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents

In the never-ending story of automation and cars, death now has appeared. Tesla’s self-driving technology vehicle is front and center in this controversy. Also, this automobile crash case is the first of these resulting in the passing of the driver. But this was not in California this time.

And the weather conditions were similar to a sunny California day. The crash took place in May when the Tesla collided with a tractor-trailer truck in Williston, Florida.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) relates the 18-wheeler collision that occurred when the automated vehicle turned left into the trucker’s path at a busy unlit traffic intersection.

The Tesla Thought the White Trailer was the Sky?

The automated vehicle nor its driver acted fast enough to avoid the collision, resulting in the automated vehicle driver sustaining fatal injuries. The car’s technology registered the white side of the trailer against the sky. Because of this visual misread, the auto technology system failed to slow the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Appears To Blame the Driver?

Yes. Tesla appears to blame this on driver error. Tesla stated that before the autopilot can be active, drivers must acknowledge the system’s auto assist feature. The NHTSA’s preliminary investigation checked if the automated vehicle technology worked correctly. Investigators also said this was the first known death after over 130,000 miles of driverless technology vehicles traversing U.S. roads.

The Driver Must Always Be Ready to Take the Wheel?

The driver must be willing to take over at any time, and the autopilot does a check, according to Tesla, to ensure the driver’s hands steer the wheel. The system will alert when just one or no hands hold the steering wheel.

Simultaneously, the vehicle will slow until the driver does place both hands on the wheel. The automaker said the automated system is not perfect. They require driver assistance to make the technology better.

This particular Tesla’s windshield hit the truck trailer during the collision, killing the driver, and former Navy Seal Joshua D. Brown, age 40, of Canton, Ohio. God rest his soul. Hooyah!


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