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Several Ejected in Fatal Tufesa Bus Crash

The news that a passenger was pronounced dead at the scene when a tour bus owned by Tufesa USA LLC crashed in a solo accident along Interstate 15 was not something anyone would have wanted to hear.

Even though the tour bus crash incident happened almost two weeks ago, questions are still being asked about what could have been done to prevent it.

What will happen to the at-fault bus driver after receiving treatment at Barstow Community Hospital? Who will compensate the innocent victims of the fatal bus crash owned by Tufesa USA?

Ehline Law has the answers! Whether you suffer major injuries that require advanced life support or moderate injuries that will have you walking out of the hospital in no time, you have the right to sue.

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The Incident According to California Highway Patrol

Details of how the tour bus collided and caused a fatality and serious injuries at 11:33 pm on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, were obtained from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials.

According to the report, a 51-year-old bus driver from Las Vegas, NV was driving a Volvo bus owned by Tufesa USA when it suddenly veered off Interstate 15 into the open desert terrain. Once there, the bus hit a raised dirt berm and went airborne.

Initially, it was assumed that after the Las Vegas, NV driver allowed the bus to veer off the road, the charter bus rolled. However, the California Highway Patrol soon dispelled this. According to the CHP officials, the injuries were a result of the violent collision only.

After hitting the ground, the bus collided with a concrete retaining wall and abruptly stopped. When rescue crews arrived, they noticed that several passengers had been ejected into the open desert terrain during the violent impact.

Sadly, a 68-year-old resident of Las Vegas, NV named Velia Monarrez was pronounced dead by the first responders to the scene while multiple people were injured.

What Caused This Fatal Bus Crash?

CHP officials are still investigating the possible causes of the bus accident. However, for now, drugs and alcohol are not considered to be the cause or a contributing factor in any way.

It was the impact with the raised dirt berm and subsequent collision with the concrete retaining wall that resulted in the severity of the bus accident.

One Victim Rushed to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

As soon as ambulances and additional crews arrived with transportation, the victims were transported/airlifted to various medical facilities close by.

  • A female victim from Las Vegas, 36 years old, was taken to Sunrise Medical Center
  • Another female from Las Vegas, this time a 41-year-old, was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment of her serious injuries
  • One 59-year-old Las Vegas male passenger was transported to University Medical Center
  • Barstow Community Hospital took charge of the bus driver and a 10-year-old Las Vegas juvenile

Can a Lawyer Help Tour Bus Accident Victims?

While there is little a personal injury lawyer could have done to prevent the San Bernardino County bus accident on the Southbound Interstate, a lot can still be done for the victims.

Velia Monarrez lost her life on that fateful day while other passengers are still recovering from the serious and moderate injuries they sustained.

Even though drugs and alcohol have been eliminated as the cause of the crash, someone has to compensate the victims and the loved ones left behind.

It will take a compassionate and competent personal injury attorney to help these innocent victims get the compensation they deserve.

An investigation of this nature can take a very long time to conclude but with an experienced lawyer fighting for them, the result should always be justice for the victims.

Ehline Law Can Help You Sue Negligent Bus Drivers!

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