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    Use of Pellets to Implant Testosterone in Women and Female Sexual Desire

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    Use of Pellets to Implant Testosterone in Women and Female Sexual Desire

Use of Pellets to Implant Testosterone in Women and Female Sexual Desire

What You Should Know About Sex, Drugs, And Testosterone For Females

Libido and Testosterone Pellets for Women
Married women, especially women with children, can get burned out on their husbands and be dealing with perimenopause, and pre-menopause.

Husbands have all heard it before:

  • “I have a headache,” or “all you ever think about is sex.”

Naturally, this creates a vortex of falling dominos in the woman’s life beyond hormonal depression. After all, they are likely dealing with angry, sexually repressed husbands.

And it doesn’t help when their rejected spouses (likely suffering from their version of midlife crisis) start sneaking around to get sex from another woman. Divorce and wrecked relationships may be looming on the horizon unless the woman can find a way to restore or improve her sexual libido or compromise with her partner.

I am Michael Ehline, a leading personal injury attorney in Southern California. I am the head of the Ehline Law Firm APLC. My team and I use our decades of experience aiding injury victims and their families in restoring their lives.

By hiring so many medical experts over the years, I have developed an understanding of the key elements regarding the proper and improper use of medicine and hormone replacement therapy (“HRT“). My experience further expands into both in-patient and out-patient medical procedures.

Furthermore, such a steady hand also allows patients to understand the consequences of medical errors better. I also use this space to explain future medical treatments and chances to reduce risk. Below I will discuss what I have known for years about making women want and enjoy sex and how scientists create this desire safely.

I will also address some of the side effects and legal ramifications to product manufacturers for selling these products to the public. Our premier personal injury law firm handles cases against negligent products manufacturers and claims like negligent misrepresentation.

First, the so-called male hormone, testosterone, has been used in synthetic form to restore a man’s physique and sexual performance to levels that may even be greater than their teen, pubescent years.

My skilled personal injury attorneys and I are leading the way among the premier personal injury law firms to learn these things, so please read and enjoy yourself. The end, you can find my contact information. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions.

Female/Male Connection – Sexual Wantonness And Testosterone

  • Males

We have heard stories from male bodybuilders that even merely beginning a steroid cycle attracts women.

And there is ample evidence that the female’s olfactory sensors recognize male virility through a man’s pheromones. And in the age of effeminate millennial males, it appears more than ever that females wishing to breed seek out their general, genetically programmed desire for an alpha male full of sexual energy and warrior prowess.

Perhaps this is why many gorgeous women seek out prisoners and Marines as breeding partners. (violent prisoners and others with aggressive personalities tend to have higher levels of testosterone)

As the older generation of non-soy drinking men age, we begin to lose this edge and physical, sexual desire. This is because our growth hormone and testosterone levels start to diminish into the Golden Years. And as discussed, many men have discovered a new life of sexual energy, prowess, and happiness with testosterone replacement therapy. The downsides are that it will require bravery due to self-administered weekly hypodermic needle administered injections.

  • Rub On T-Therapy Gels/Creams – Risks of Female Libido Increase By Mistake?

For the faint of heart, some men will use rub-on gels and creams infused with these synthetic hormones. Unfortunately, some of these medical prescription can transfer onto mutually shared towels, pillows, and blankets and transfer to their wives (as her voice deepens and her clitoris begins to grow, she may start jumping your bones.).

No doubt, a few men discovered the connection between a horny wife and male hormones by accidentally transferring some of their T-Gel to their wives. Some men alarm that a wife on T therapy can reach porn star levels of libido.

But this is not medically safe, and it can cause harm to the woman, making her more aggressive and decisive and making her clit grow into a small penis. In short, if she was submissive before, that is no longer the case. She became too male-like. She may even exhibit heat-like symptoms, leading to unsafe, sexually promiscuous acts with other men, women, or groups of both.

So a doctor must ensure the female does not overdo it. Women suffering from gender identity crisis are at grave risk for brain and other health problems when using large doses of testosterone to alter their genetic birth identities into trans men.

Does Pellet Therapy Make Women Amorous?

According to anecdotal evidence, we have found online and by correlating androgen use in Russian female Olympic athletes, this substance makes female athletes extremely “horny.” Is there a safe way for a woman to kick-start her sex engine?

Do they even care? As noted, evidence and research suggest that some women get incredibly lustful on synthetic testosterone, such as bio-pellets, creams, and injections. Female bodybuilders using Anavar, 2, or Winstrol have been noted to become more attracted to females and become more bisexual or even lesbian.

“Lesbian and bisexual women may have different levels of sex hormones compared to heterosexual women.” (Source).

Many married men have found their wives likely to engage in socially unacceptable sexual activities. Certain types of testosterone, such as that studies on East German athletes, drove women to male-like libido levels that were classified as “Severe.”

“The increase of libido was so severe and unbearable for some women that in November 1990, head physician Dr. Höppner publicly admitted numerous female athletes requested release from participation in elite sports altogether due to the libido issues of the hormone program.” (Source).

First, many women seem to not care about sex as much as males. And this is a crass running joke sometimes overheard at gay bars. “Women are for breeding, and men are for sex.”

And, of course, that is likely because testosterone is the hormone that males and females primarily rely upon to charge their sexual battery.

Men have more, and women have fewer test levels. Women tend to be deep thinkers, and men tend to act more on impulse. And it’s all about testosterone.

But most women with low testosterone levels normally don’t want to deal with messy creams and transfer them onto clothes and possibly for their kids. And most females surveyed do not wish to self-inject.

New medical treatments improve the older means of imparting testosterone in women.

So the option they have is the pellet. Once every three or four months, the woman’s doctor or RN implants a pellet under her skin (usually her butt cheek) to stabilize and increase her male hormones. Many women state this type of therapy causes them to lose body fat, raise awareness, and, yes, it makes them want sex a LOT.

Thanks to a scientific breakthrough, the hormone can be transferred through a pellet. Perhaps even more important is that this therapy is far less likely to cause cancer than other administration methods. Below we will run through some of the benefits of testosterone therapy and the advantages of the pellet form.

The latest medical research shows that a testosterone transplant may be a far better means to gain the hormone than other methods.

Testosterone is used for a number of different treatments for women, including:

  • Endometriosis.
  • Uterine Fibroids.
  • Relief of menopausal symptoms.
  • Lack of bone density.

Below we will discuss several of the primary means by which pellet therapy could change how women are treated. Furthermore, the reduction of cancer risk is also a primary means to prevent future disease.

Changes In Sex Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is not a new one. Nor is it a breakthrough for women. The use of this hormone acts on multiple ailments facing women. It also improves reproductive health in many cases. However, the use of different synthetic forms of testosterone offers significant concerns.

Furthermore, this includes synthetic methyl-testosterone and synthetic progestins. These forms of oral hormones carry certain risks. The pellet form of testosterone therapy is much safer than the alternatives.

A study in Australia found that using a 1% testosterone cream with 5 mg and 10 mg doses is safe for women.

The same study found that a 5 mg dose in the upper arm for six weeks brought the hormone level back to the same range as before menopause. A 10 mg dose brought the hormone higher than before menopause.

Such a dose is much safer than using a higher one. Too high a dose is tied to masculine traits in women. But the pellets are biological forms of testosterone that release more or less of the hormone based upon blood flow and physical exertion.

A Potential Cancer Risk Of Synthetic Testosterone?

And the use of synthetic testosterone is far worse. The practice of using synthetic methyl-testosterone and synthetic progestin is particularly dangerous. Uses of these hormones and similar ones are directly tied to adverse health effects.

This includes the masculine sex effects, as noted above. And the significant risk of cancer, as seen below:

“…hormone-dependent tumors regress in the absence of hormonal activity. Consequently, it is possible to both hinder and even prevent the development of hormone-dependent tumors using drugs. In particular, the antiestrogen drug tamoxifen prevents the stimulation of cancerous breast tumor cells by estrogens. This also applies to aminoglutethimide, an inhibitor of corticosteroid synthesis by the adrenal glands. Hormone-sensitive tumors may regress, and frequently stop growth upon the introduction of certain hormones. The main hormone-sensitive forms of cancer are breast and prostate carcinoma, lymphoma, and a few other forms of carcinomas.”

Such a risk is tied to a number of cancers, including breast cancer, as seen above. A major change to testosterone therapy is a major improvement over former treatments– and may reduce cancer rates.

Changes In Cancer Risks?

As you can see above, there is a significant risk of cancer risk tie to current testosterone treatments. However, for many women, the benefits often outweigh the risks.

However, from a medical and legal point of view, there has to be a better way. A way to both grant the benefits of hormone replacement and reduce the risk of major gender changes and developing cancer.

Furthermore, a new form of therapy is also a key advantage in future therapy. Phasing out cancer-risk drugs is a key means to reduce the risk of suffering and mortality further.

Below we discuss some of the actions you can take if you were exposed to such drugs and later developed cancer.

Seeking Justice For Cancer Caused By Synthetic Hormones.

Suppose you or a family member suffered from cancer after exposure to synthetic methyl-testosterone and synthetic progestin. Our team is specialized in such cases. If you believe the two are tied together, call our attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

Our firm works with medical experts to determine diseases’ proximate causes and find a way to treat them. In some cases, we can even find a way to pay for treatment upfront.

Our team also works on a contingency basis. This means that we don’t ask you for a penny unless we recover for you. We want your attention to improving while we focus on making you whole again– financially and physically.

Our team’s decades of experience are second to none. This includes special care and attention for you and your family. We assist with anything you need– loss of work income, transportation, and long-term medical expenses.

For more info, contact us today. We are available 24 / 7 at the number below or the email at losangeles@ehlinelaw.com. You can also read our medical malpractice page on our website. We explain the basics of such law and representation.

We treat our clients like family if you choose to work with us. We promise you– we will not let you down.

But Does Bio Pellet Therapy Make Women Horny?

It appears that many women can benefit from this treatment. Some with emotional issues like depression may see little to no sex benefits. Other women may start wanting to bring in other sex partners or even start wanting to dominate other females in bed.

So it takes the right doctor and dosages to achieve the goal the woman is after. But yes, a marriage can be improved, separations resolved, and divorce avoided when a man and woman are having their sexual needs satisfied.

How each couple decides it and how extreme they want to get is mainly based on hormonal levels.

Were you injured by one of these products? After you are done treating with all of the needed medical care providers, we’ll begin gathering all of your case’s pertinent documentation (i.e., medical bills and records, past, present, and future loss of earnings documentation, etc.).

You can schedule a free consultation today at (213) 596-9642.

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Michael Ehline

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