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    Strangers Help to Protect Boy from Sexual Assault at Glendale Donut Shop

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    Strangers Help to Protect Boy from Sexual Assault at Glendale Donut Shop

Strangers Help to Protect Boy from Sexual Assault at Glendale Donut Shop
Minors Comps, Personal Injury
Things You Must Know When Filing Personal Injury Claims on Behalf of Minors

For many teens, venturing out alone is a rite of passage. Usually, it starts with baby steps with the parents letting the child go to the restroom on their own, etc. But sometimes, society throws a curveball at them, leading to rape or serious injuries without an adult in charge to escort the child. In essence, kids can temporarily separate from their mentor or parent, even with a supervising adult.

When at a public establishment, the store owner can be held liable for inadequate security when a child is abused, and the landlord is aware of the potential for this. For example, while in a Glendale donut shop, a 13-year-old boy was the victim of a sexual assault, according to local police. The child, his brother, and his mother were at the local donut shop, police say, on W. Glenoaks Blvd on the 31st of July.

For example, in California, local politicians use homeless people (many are criminals, rapists, and drug abusers) to get guaranteed votes and even offer them food, money, and anything they want so these politicians can stay in power at the taxpayer’s expense. This burdens businesses to either shutter and move to a free state or provide additional security.

The Glendale Police Department Released a Video of the Sexual Assault

According to the surveillance video, which shows the mother and two boys paying for food at the counter, the suspect, Farid Lalezarzadeh, a 36-year-old man from Glendale, walked behind the boy as he stood there and pinched him directly on the buttocks.

Immediately, another patron of the Glendale donut shop saw the incident unfolding, and he immediately stepped in to protect the boy from further sexual assault. This patron and his friend confronted the suspect about the sexual assault inside the shop, according to the Glendale police department, and the suspect left the Glendale donut shop.

Ultimately, the police were able to catch up with Farid Lalezarzadeh quickly. He was ultimately arrested for the sex assault and is facing charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. No facts demonstrate that the store owners knew Farid Lalezarzadeh or whether he had done this before. But if so, they could be held liable for negligent security and forced to pay the boy and his family under the Thing v. Lachusa case and others. This would be a civil personal injury case for assault and battery against the child molester and a premises liability case against the donut shop.

The Witness Statements are Crucial

Here, other witnesses, following the incident, immediately stepped away, and police are hoping to speak with anyone who saw the assault, specifically the two men who stepped in to protect the boy from sexual assault.

The police will get more information about the crime by talking to the witnesses. Though the boy became the target of a sexual assault inside a Glendale donut shop, it can also help protect others in the future from having something similar happen to them.

Call Crime Stoppers or the Glendale Police Department if You Have Information

The Glendale Police Department could not talk to the men to collect witness statements about the assault. Still, they urge them to step forward, as it’s imperative for the successful prosecution of Lalezarzadeh. People can contact Crime Stoppers if they have more information.


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