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Michael Ehline, Skateboard Death lawyer

What is Legal Self Defense Under California Law?

What is Legal Self Defense Under California Law? Wrongful Death Attorney Providing Civil Rights and Criminal Law Examples. CONTACT US Tell Us About Your Case Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *FirstLastEmail *Comment or Message *Submit What is Legal Self Defense Under California Law? Legal Support for Victims Across California CONTACT US Tell Us About Your Case Home / Los Angeles Injury Attorney / What is Legal Self Defense Under California Law? / Wrongful Death Blog { "@context": "https://schema.org/", "@type":...

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Can a Skateboard Be Used To Kill Someone?

Can a Skateboard Be Used To Kill Someone? The USA Personal Injury Blog. Wrongful Death Attorney Providing Wrongful Death Examples. CONTACT US Tell Us About Your Wrongful Death Case Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *FirstLastEmail *Comment or Message *Submit Can a Skateboard Be Used To Kill Someone? Legal Support for Death Accident Victims Across California CONTACT US Tell Us About Your Death Accident Case Home / Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney / Can a Skateboard Be Used To Kill Someone? / Wrongful Death Blog { ...

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Police officer in LA

Do Police Have a Duty To Protect Me? Can I Sue Police For Refusing Assistance?

Fact Check: Do Police Have a Duty To Protect Individuals? NO! Generally, The Police Have No Duty To Protect You! [Content Updated 11/11/2021] Most police officers and the public think the thin blue line will stand faithfully between private citizens and evildoers as modern-day Knights Templars of sorts. Growing up on 1-Adam 12 and Dragnet, we Gen-Xrs were trained to adore police, who will always come to our aid. Alas, we were wrong. As we soon learned, one set of rules applies to politicians and their agencies, and the other to you and me. And until the government holds itself to the same...

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Can I Run Over Rioters if They Are Attacking My Vehicle? Is It Legal?

Home / Civil Rights News / Can I Run Over Protestors Striking Protesters on the Freeway With a Motor Vehicle: A Brief Legal Take Is Running Over Rioters Self-Defense or A Gray Legal Area? The crises of the last several weeks show a significant breakdown of our civil order– and a sharp risk to the average person. And this goes double for driving incidents in the cases of protests. There are several high-profile cases where terrified big rig truckers and passenger car drivers struck protesters on roads and highways. Below we will discuss some of the legal ramifications of illegal barricades...

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Fact Check: George Floyd Had Fatal Levels Of Fentanyl In His System. True

Fact Check: Did George Floyd Have Fatal Levels Of Fentanyl And Crystal Meth In His System? Yes. True. The True Story of What Happened in Minneapolis Yes, Floyd, a convicted armed robber, and felon worked as a bouncer with officer Chauvin at a nightclub. As he was trying to drive away in a van, the police detained him for questioning. Officers determined it was unsafe for him to drive while high, so the law affected an arrest. Floyd was high on a fatal cocktail of drugs. We learned this way too late, right? Do you see the last three months as a blur? Did we see one protest after another, along...

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Secrets of Using Hidden and Public Cams Revealed

Learn The Secrets Of Legally Filming Police While Avoiding Injuries Or Arrest Tired Of Scrolling? Click To Reveal The Secrets Of Legally Filming Police: Click to open/close   My Story – Why Filming Police Matters (“FPM”). Getting Beat Up By An Angry West Covina Cop Over A Parking Ticket? Really? Just Try Arguing With Police And See What Happens. My Personal Experience With LEO Is That We Must ALWAYS Film The Police. Fewer Laws Mean Less Police Contacts? Stomping On Cameras and Police? Q: Does California Have A Law About Recording Police? Take the Poll: Failsafe...

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What You Don’t Have To Tell The Lender If You Are On Disability

Don’t speak to anyone but a lawyer. In November of 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) launched a bulletin asking people to take notice and cease certain disallowed practices by people who lend money to others, aka lenders. The problem is that some lenders have been asking disabled loan applicants illegal, irrelevant questions before offering them the loan that they should not be asking. At the outset, it remains quite a common fact that you will have to face a lot of questions when applying for a loan. Obviously, questions related to your finances...

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Jonathan Lopez, and Biased Social Media Censorship Culture – The Rise Of Fake Self-Hate Crimes

Just The Latest In A Variety Of Fake Hate Crimes? A former Umatilla County Oregon politician faked a hate crime against himself for attention. Claiming a hate-filled letter, Jonathan Lopez made a fundamental error. Unfortunately, this is not the only time such a fake hate crime took place over the last several months. It also shows the weakness of these efforts– and the rise of a radicalized racial politics. We see the same unfolding during this year’s election cycle. Unfortunately, the Smollett case was just one of many fake self-hate crimes. These fakes exploded since the election...

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How the Coming “Woke” Race Laws Will Lead to New Segregation

The Coming Nurnburg Style Anti White Race Law And The Reparations Push, And More. Society is changing before our very eyes. Calls for significant changes due to alleged historical injustices are growing. And the calls for self-segregation and violence are becoming more radical. Ordinary people and politicians would do well to heed the past lessons and the effect of former efforts of segregation and discrimination. We’re not looking at reverse discrimination. We are looking at discrimination for its own sake. And with the calls for major change growing, don’t be surprised if they...

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Fact Check – Are Black Lives Matters Rioters Made Up of Paid Protesters?

A Split Decision. Turn on the news over the last two months, and the unrest sweeping the country is shocking. Following the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, anger bubbled over in multiple cities across the country. Thousands took part in protests of many forms across the nation. The question’s popped up on multiple sites now: are the protesters organic? As in, did they come out to protest on their own? Or were they directed via another means? Usually, this would mean that they were being paid. The jury is still out on this one. For most protesters, the answer seems to be...

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Why “Critical Race Theory” is Likely to Doom Education

Anti White Racism With A New Catchy Name. “Race Theory” The Rise of Marxist Education Conservatives have been complaining about left-wing bias in education forever. However, over the last 20 years, the traditional controls in academia have gone off the rails, seeing a massive influx of money from Communist China feeding anti-American campus clubs like BLM and ANTIFA, using proxies. Instead of doctrinaire left-wing professors, a new (old) look at Marxist thought now dominates our intermediate education, as well as universities. Your class no longer matters in terms of being an “oppressor.” Your...

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History of Race Riots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a colorful and mostly peaceful history. However, there were several instances in the city’s past that show its fragility and internal weaknesses. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities globally, with many nationalities under one greater metro area. All of these show the tremendous strength and challenges of the nation’s second-largest city. Below, our civil rights attorneys will explain some of the issues the City of Angels overcame in the previous decades. Why are there So Many Riots in LA’s History? For many Americans that don’t live in LA, the...

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Using the Second Amendment as a Defense Tool– When Police Get it Wrong

A Miscarriage Of Justice Police are necessary for the future of society. Our boys in blue are needed, especially during the current unrest sweeping much of the country. However, the application of justice isn’t perfect, especially during the heat of a potential crime. During high-stress situations, especially when time is of the essence, police make errors, too. That’s what happened to Afghanistan vet Matt Solon, arrested unjustly and detained for 35 hours. Blurred Justice recently completed a documentary on a high profile case of Matt Solon. Solon defended his girlfriend, friend,...

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Are Independent And Minority Voters Boosting Trump?

A Boost For The President After The RNC Donald Trump appears behind in a number of major election polls. However, like in 2016– we cannot simply depend on these polls to tell us how people are going to vote. Furthermore, while Trump is trailing in some aspects, he is making major gains with three important parts of the electorate. Refer to a recent Wall Street Journal poll that shows the President’s surprising strength among independent voters. Or maybe less surprising if you think about it. Trump attracts people disgusted with the way that the system in DC has worked for the last...

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Anti-Competitive Policies Spiked Online Food Delivery Prices

What Are The Causes Of The Recent Spike In Food Costs? Since the start of the COVID pandemic, more Americans than ever have been reliant on food delivery services. This is due to any number of reasons, including fear of going outside. Furthermore, the rise of the internet and cell phones also make it much easier for people to order food, especially for those in large cities. Large food delivery services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Postmates have soared since March of this year. The causes of the increase in food prices are multifaceted. Perhaps they had something to do with the increase of...

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The Corporate Deceit: Encouraging Fast Food, Abortions & Poor Health Among Black Women?

A Long List Of Racial Injustices Associated With Fast Food Corporatism? Recent research shows that companies target black Americans with unhealthy eating habits. They do this in conjunction with other advertising efforts to get worse health outcomes for blacks than they would for whites. The results are astonishing and terrifying– this includes increased rates of obesity, smoking, and alcohol abuse. It is simply unacceptable for these large corporations to use the black community simply as a money-laundering operation. “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate...

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Howes v. Fields – Understanding Miranda Rights

The Supreme Court has handed down a new ruling in Howes v. Fields that strikes another blow at Miranda rights. If an inmate is already incarcerated, it is no longer required for a jailhouse interrogator to read the prisoner his or her Miranda rights. The 6-3 decision overturns a 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that threw out Randall Lee Fields’ conviction and confession when he eventually confessed to and was convicted of sexual assault charges that carried a sentence of 10-15 years. The majority focused their attention on the “shock” of the arrest and the idea that if...

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How the IL School Racial Discrimination is Unconstitutional

A Return to the Bad Old Days Of Jim Crow – But Self Segregation. A school in Chicago is separating students by race. Most thought we moved past such a terrible philosophy. Constitutional lawyers say Marxists pushed it through under the pressure of the Coronavirus and radical politics. So the issue came to a head. The effort reminds many of the bad old days of the Jim Crow South. Come to think of it. There is so much in common between the two. The action is taking place in a different part of the country. However, other aspects are the same. It is being pushed by several Democrats, who...

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How to – California Marijuana Dispensary or Smoking Lounge

A Not Harmless Drug? As a personal injury attorney in California, I have seen many many more car, motorcycle, and truck accidents involving alleged marijuana usage since medical marijuana became readily available. I have also seen other issues, including employment law, where an employer won’t hire a prospect due to testing positive for T.H.C. Even stranger, some cities like Santa Monica have “smoke-free” beaches and streets, etc. So we will have to assume the new C.A. law carves out a “designated area” to smoke weed, but we don’t know for sure. In any event,...

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Jury Nullification an Option in a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Attorney – Michael Ehline Understanding the Law. First of all, at the outset, this post is definitely not legal advice. I am not trying to teach people how to get out of jury duty or stay on a jury for that matter. I am merely pointing out my opinions and conclusions. But for one, I do believe it’s kosher for a jury to determine the law and the facts ultimately. But I also think a court’s job is vital. However, its role is merely guiding the arbiters of justice (the jury.) But my opinions should in no way guide you in your decision to understand the law...

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The Unconstitutional Nature of California’s Face Mask Order

Is an Executive Mandate On Citizens Unsupported by Law? Many lawyers and students of the Constitution are convinced that California Governor Gavin Newsom overstepped his bounds again with a new face mask order. The emergency decree is one disconnected with both legal precedent and enforceability, they say. Newsom says in the interests of the greater good, businesses must close, yet it’s ok to riot en mass, as long as the non-profit groups rioting give donation money to Act Blue. Churches closed, marijuana stores open. Gun stores closed, American flag burning and shutting down public roads...

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Portland Mayor’s Misstep Caused ANTIFA Panic We Face Today?

Unconstitutional Orders in Portland. Much of the current unrest dates back to a number of missteps by Portland’s city government over the last few years. With Portland a trendy place for young, rich ultra-liberals to move, its politics took a sharp turn to the left. As a result, the city government allowed for more extreme actions to take place. Of course, progressives would argue that the majority should decide the fate of others in the interest of the “public good.” But based upon their oaths of office, this is a severe dereliction of duty and a terrible precedent. Both for...

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Understanding Personal Injury And California’s Prohibitions Against Open Carry

So this is a fascinating topic about gun rights that has reared its head again, after violent looters and terrorists burned, looted, and took over part of the City of Seattle, Washington. COVID-19 and social distancing no longer mattered, even to the experts that tried so hard to shut down Trump rallies before the upcoming Oklamaha Rally. In that case, the rally was a bit of a flop, and most people gave Trump a B for his performance. But outside, opponents of Trump supporters drove by and violently swore at attendees. With respect to Seattle’s takeover of private and public property by...

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What is the Difference Between a Protest and a Riot?

Peaceful Protests vs. Riots The unrest sweeping the country shows a deep disconnect in the direction of the United States. In some examples, like the protest in Palos Verdes Estates, are peaceful and represent the legitimate concerns of people. The control of major police unions has enabled a lack of accountability. And this results in many things– including, as we saw in Minneapolis, violence. However, this is not the entire story. Furthermore, a look between protests and riots shows the overall picture much better and clearer. Two clear messages are being sent by the crowds in major...

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How is the Federal Government Stopping Unconstitutional COVID Orders?

Lawyer ready to defend you A Strike Favoring Liberty! Even if it’s late, Attorney General William Barr announced that the Justice Department is taking action against states who pushed COVID restrictions too far. Specifically, the AG spoke about efforts that restrict civil rights of citizens.The Washington Times reported that the federal government directed US Attorneys to “be on the lookout” for state and federal mandates enacted since March. Specifically, the Department is seeking out orders that violate religious, free speech, or economic rights. Furthermore, the Attorney...

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Another Attack In Portland by “Peaceful” BLM Protesters

White Motorist Pulled From Car And Beaten By BLM Supporters? The Latest Motor Vehicle Attack In A Worrying Trend? Another day, another severe issue in Portland. The Oregon city is in a riot, facing the repercussions of the Left compounded’s bad policies over a long period. Now the entire nation is paying the price. Republicans say that this results from coddling Black Lives Matter protesters for far too long, and we now see the results. The combination of Antifa and BLM in these cities often makes them no-go zones. They also gave rise to large-scale looting and rioting. We see this again...

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Porn Stars Burden Health System – Must Wear Goggles, Condoms? Really?

parental advisory warning on the screen of a retro orange television There are many domestic transmission victims of AIDS, HIV, herpes, and other diseases for which there are no known cures. Also, only a few well-trained lawyers have the experience and training to undertake positive steps on behalf of hurt dating partners or porn stars—even those who got infected during a “one night stand” situation. The law is clear, even if a spouse gets contaminated by their significant other. We know some porn stars take sexual enhancing drugs like testosterone, making them highly amorous...

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How Gun Laws in California Will Increase Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries Increased By California Gun Control Laws Michael Ehline, personal injury lawyer. I am attorney Michael Ehline. I am a former U.S. Marine. And I hold the distinction of being one of the few personal injury attorneys in C.A. who support the Second Amendment. But I support the right of a peaceable, Freeman to possess the same small arms as any public servant. And these rights are derived from Natural Law and Natural Rights, not artificial law. Before I digress, let’s get into the meat of the matter. The purpose of this article is to educate people on California’s...

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Red Light Cameras Found Unconstitutional in Florida Judge’s Ruling

Not only did a man in Pasco County, Florida, feel it was wrong for his license plate to be taken by a traffic camera placed to catch people running red lights, but he also felt it was wrong constitutionally. A judge has given a ruling that backs up Thomas Filippone. “This is a matter of unalienable rights,” said personal injury lawyer Michael Ehline, a California lawyer who deals with traffic incidents. “Let’s hope it happens in LA as well,” said Ehline. As reported by the Tampa Bay Tribune, a $158 traffic ticket was given to Filippone that he is refusing to pay....

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The Death Penalty and the Tort of False Imprisonment

Attorneys Claim Nebraska Man Imprisoned Iowa Detectives Framed 25 Years in Police Officers Death. By accident lawyer Michael P. Ehline, Esq. Many of my readers know that I have struggled with the death penalty issue for quite some time. Although I agree a brutal killer deserves death, I have seen many historical examples from the U.S. and UK that casts doubt on the efficacy of capital punishment. For example, families in Brittain have sometimes fought over a hundred years to clear their family name after their ancestors had been falsely accused and put to death. (Click here). False Imprisonment...

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