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Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite?

Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite? Contact Us Dogs are a man’s best friend, however, even the most well-behaved pups can deliver nasty dog bites resulting in serious injuries and a worst-case scenario, death. Getting a dog bite can lead to financial instability with the unexpected hospital and medical bills piling up. The lost wages if you’re unable to go to work can break many families financially. Besides this, emotional trauma can be devastating for many. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC / Will Insurance Pay For A Dog Bite? Page Updated 11/30/2021 Dog...

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Do Doctors Need to Report Dog Bites in California?

Dog bites can be severe. The Short Answer is Yes – Doctors Are Supposed To Report Dog Attacks First, a little background here. Medical doctors, including psychiatrists and others, including lawyers and priests, owe a duty of confidentiality to those who come in confidence. The idea is to encourage truthfulness because the person revealing secrets will be protected from any dire ramifications. However, because of medicine, HIPPA laws, and other doctors’ needs to share information learned about the public and other dangers, physicians do not have an absolute duty of privilege to keep...

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Most Dangerous Dog Breeds List | Are CDC Numbers Proof, or Just a Fluke?

Most Dangerous Breeds List Dogs Most Likely to Be Involved in Attacks Against Humans Not every canine receives specialized breeding as an attack or guard dog. While historically, some dogs were bred for particular hunting, protective, or herding characteristics, other working dogs received selective breeding for aggression and resilience, like Pitbulls. However, all domesticated dogs are the ancestral descendants of wolves and prone to attack in the right triggering circumstances.  Also, when a man’s best friend faces a new environment, each dog, regardless of breed, reacts differently....

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How to Report a Dog Bite in California

Different Roles for Different People After a Dog Bite Attack. Following a dog bite attack, the immediate need is the medical treatment for the injuries. You may be thinking about the best way to get treatment or to care for a loved one. Serious injuries require more attention and time, and thus other elements surrounding the attack often fall to the wayside. And this includes reporting the dog bite to animal control or the police. Doing so as quickly as possible creates a record of the attack. It also allows authorities to know whether the dog was previously involved in a similar attack. If...

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6 Year Old Dog Attack Hero Bridger Walker and the Reality of Dog Bite Attacks on Children

A Hero that Our Nation Needs Right Now! Bridger Walker is now a national figure, despite being just six years old. Several weeks ago, the young man gained national attention for his bravery, saving his four-year-old sister from a dog attack. His aunt posted the story of the incident on Instagram, rocketing the young man into the stratosphere of modern heroes. Showing his bruised and stitched face, the young man was next to his sister. According to his aunt, the action saved her life. The emotion is palpable: On July 9th, my six-year-old nephew Bridger saved his little sister’s life by...

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USPS Highlights Dog Bite Prevention Week and Attacks Down Overall

U.S. Postal Workers and Dog Attacks Dog Attacks Still Major Risk for Both Postal Employees and Children? Los Angeles is the number two most dangerous city for dog attacks against letter carriers in the U.S. Dogs, over time, will view uniformed mail carriers as a threat because of the fact that the mail carrier leaves, six days a week, every time after the dog barks. Over time the animal feels validated the mailman or woman is a threat because the dog thinks it “protected” its home by scaring off the intruder. So over time, dogs can view the mail carriers’ uniform itself as...

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What are Some Common Causes of Dog Attacks?

Understanding Why Most Dog Attacks Occur. Not every dog attack is the same. In fact, while there are often similarities, the circumstances often change. The dog’s breed, temperament, and surroundings all factor in. One minor difference can be the catalyst for a devastating dog bite attack. Furthermore, the actions of the people around the dog often set the tone for the remainder of the encounter. In many cases, the dog owner does not act in a responsible manner, becoming liable for the actions that happen next. Below we will review some of the common causes of dog bite attacks. Feral Dogs. Not...

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Seeking Punitive Damages Following a Dog Bite in California

Weighed Against the Circumstances and Liability. Punitive damages are designed to punish an evil-doer so they won’t do it again, and to show the public this behavior is intolerable. They are considered extraordinary losses and usually based upon outrageous conduct beyond ordinary negligence. To begin with, the first thing you or a loved one should do after a dog bite attack is to seek immediate medical attention. Quality medical care is necessary whether the attack appears to be a mere scratch or a severe ripping bite. Furthermore, such care also allows you to reduce the chance of infection...

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How Much is a Dog Injury Lawsuit Worth?

Valuing the Pain and Suffering of a Person Varies by the Case. After a severe dog attack, courts often work with attorneys to determine the damages caused by the bite. This is an infamously inexact science. Often the lawyers cannot agree, and the case goes to trial. However, in other cases, the right attorney can work out a settlement without going before a jury.  So this is where the skill and experience of a trusted law firm like the Ehline Law Firm APLC plays a key role. Also, despite the extent of the injuries and the potential costs, not every single case is the same regarding liability....

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What to Do if Your Dog is Involved in an Attack

How Best to Seek out Legal Representation When Your Dog Attacks. This article is a bit of the opposite of the majority of the ones on this site. Most assume that you are the victim of such an attack. However, this one examines whether your dog was the attacker. This is a question you hopefully will never have. That being said, every dog owner carries the risk that their cuddly little pet may also snap at a person and cause some serious damage. Of course, not every dog bite attack is the same. It can range from a snarling, growling nip all the way towards life-threatening injuries. However, you...

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Common Dog Injuries After a Dog Attack | ehlinelaw.com

What Are Some Typical Injuries Following a Dog Attack? No two dog attacks are the same. Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances of the attack, the results could vary from a slight scratch to life-threatening. By understanding more about the types of injuries common after dog attacks, we can better treat them. Below is a list containing some of the most common types of mental and physical injuries caused by dog attacks. Injury Types and Effects. Infection. This is common among all types of dog attacks, including both bites and scratches. This occurs due to incidents with large and small...

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Victim Rights After a Dog Bite Attack

Understanding Your Dog Assault Rights and Responsibilities. The aftermath of a terrible dog bite attack may be confusing and difficult. You are already injured, and now you have to face both medical treatment and a possible legal battle. It’s in this situation that you should consider your legal rights and the best path forward. Furthermore, your actions will have effects on whether or not a dangerous dog can attack more individuals. Of course, the first thing you should do is seek out medical attention. However, after that, the best idea is to contact a legal expert, like the trusted...

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What are Some Possible Criminal Charges after a Dog Attack

Expect Criminal Charges in Cases Where Dogs Trained to Attack, Injure or Kill People? Most cases of dog attacks end up in civil court as money damages lawsuits. Usually, there is a case of negligence against the dog’s owners or handlers for wrongful death or serious bodily harm. If not but for the inferior training and handling of the animal, no attack would have taken place. So usually, this negligence subjects the defendants to a civil lawsuit. However, in a minority of attacks, the owner could be on the hook for criminal charges like assault, battery, and even mayhem. And this is especially...

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Understanding Insurance Charges Due to “Dangerous” Dog Breeds

Insurance Actuaries Tailor Liability Policies Towards Potential Risk of Each Dog? Yes, insurance companies tailor policies to cover the risks associated with dogs known to be genetically dangerous. On other parts of this site, we discussed the unfair practice of breed-specific bans by cities and counties. As we discussed, such policies do not properly understand the potential risk of dogs based on their breeds. Furthermore, it builds public suspicion and stereotypes of each breed and its owners. As a result, insurance companies also use similar means to survey the risk of a dog and its ownership....

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When is Dog Euthanasia Mandated by Law?

Are Dogs Always Put Down After a Serious Dog Bite Attack? Dogs are not put down after each and every attack. There are circumstances where the responsibility does not belong to the dog or its owners. In other cases, there is unclear risk or evidence. In yet other cases, owners may voluntarily have their dog put down. Not every case is clear cut. However, California law attempts to make the decision a bit easier, even if the situation is very difficult. This often has to do with several factors, including the risk that the dog could attack again. The higher the risk of the dog, the higher the...

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When Does a Dog Get Quarantined Following an Attack in California?

Under California Law, Quarantine of Dogs Is Decided Based Upon on a Case By Case Basis. Quarantine of a dog that attacked or bit someone is often the first step in determining to euthanize the animal or let it free. Quarantine is a method of isolating an animal or a person from others to rule out some type of contagious disease or keep a dangerous person or animal from the general public. As we covered in a related article, there are many cases in which a dog is euthanized following a severe attack. But dogs usually are only put down in cases when a dog attacks people twice because this dog...

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Who Can I Sue For My Dog Bite Attack Injuries?

Dog Attack Liability is Often a Gray Area. There are certain elements of California law that are very clear about the role of owners and dog bite attacks. Criminal charges after the intentional use of a dog in an assault are one. In other cases, criminal charges often follow severe injury caused by a dog trained to attack. However, not every case is so clear. Many times, the dog attack happens in spite of human interaction, not due to it. And that being said, there is a complex situation for the owner, the victim, and legal counsel in order to determine the true fault for the attack. Usually,...

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First Aid after a Dog Bite Attack

Reducing the Chance of Infection. Dog attacks can take all sorts of different types. Some may involve small dogs nipping at a person that comes too close. In other cases, severe scratches are a special risk of infection. And in other cases, full-on attacks by large dogs could cause severe injury, disfigurement, or even death. In these cases, the injured party needs the most attention and advice. Should you find yourself in need of medical attention following a dog attack, do not panic. There are several options to reduce the chance of more serious injury, of scarring, or of infection. Treating...

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Small and Big Dogs – What Breeds Bite and Why?

In some countries, dogs are for eating and beating. But in most cultures, these furry creatures are looked upon as the most faithful of all animals. Being man’s best friend, millions of people in the U.S. have dogs as pets. Most dog owners are people who treat their dogs like family. And their dogs will reciprocate and mirror the excellent behavior of their owners with their faithfulness. Likewise, an angry, ignorant owner will usually have a dog with that chaotic predisposition. Most of all, different people in the U.S. have dogs for varying reasons. Some old ladies may just want...

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Your Legal Options Against Dog Breed Bans | ehlinelaw.com

Is Banning Dog Breeds a Form of Legalized Discrimination? Yes, but perhaps not in a civil rights sense. But there is legal discrimination when it comes to the dogs you can own. And it is practiced among many U.S. cities and counties. Unfortunately, many locales decide to censor certain dog breeds. In some cases, the cities even outright ban the types of dogs. So the top dogs on top of the anti-dog list are dogs generally considered more aggressive. However, often the breed is not the issue but the owner. Poor training and treatment are more likely to cause injuries than the dog’s lineage,...

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Eight Important Steps to Take After a Dog Bite – Diseases and Medical Care

I am Los Angeles dog bite attorney Michael Ehline. As an expert on all sorts of legal topics, I am taking some time here to render eight crucial tips for victims of recent dog bite attacks. Before I do, I wanted to take some time to explain my experience in these cases. First, as a victim of a dog attack myself, I can attest firsthand as to the deep emotional and physical scarring a person can suffer after a dog attacks. And I also remember the uncertainties I had about how I would pay bills, or even keep my job after being injured in an accident. Because of my experiences as a bodily injury...

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Understanding the Effects of Rabies and Dog Bites

Rabies – A Fatal Disease Spread by Animal Bites. Rabies is perhaps the most dangerous disease spread by animal bites. Fortunately, rabies is relatively rare but of extreme concern. Once symptoms begin to show, rabies is a death sentence. Although more common in nature, it is relatively rare in cities. However, both pets and feral animals carry the disease. Understanding more about rabies can help you know the warning signs. Furthermore, it can help you treat a potential case of rabies before it causes severe issues. Below is our lawyer’s guide explaining some of the most common issues...

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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous Breeds of Dogs?

Statistics Say Pit Bulls Are Responsible for the Majority of Fatal Attacks? Yes, many advocacy groups say Pit Bulls are the number one biggest killers of any dog breed, with Rottweilers coming in second place. Pit Bulls, often called “Pits” are partly a product of their breeding and partly a product of their master and experiences. While most Pit Bull breeds live their entire lives without attacking a person, there are serious safety concerns over them with cities, insurance companies, and dog bite lawyers. Furthermore, the potential danger of Pit Bulls is so large that some cities...

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Dog Attacks and Tetanus | Expert Lawyer Discussion

A Preventable Disease, Especially with Vaccination. Tetanus is one of the earliest attested to diseases in human history. And it is also one of the most painful and deadly. Fortunately, like Rabies, tetanus rates in the Western world have fallen dramatically over the last century. However, tetanus is still not uncommon among hot or developing societies. Furthermore, it is still found in the United States every year. This is especially the case due to puncture wounds, including those caused by animal bites. Tetanus can be avoided and even treated after showing symptoms. However, tetanus often...

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Dangerous Dog Breeds: Rottweilers

Rotties – Second Only to Pit Bulls in the Number of Attacks? Yep. Rotties are rated number two behind Pits. Like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have been specifically bred as guard dogs, yet over thousands, rather than hundreds of years. Unfortunately, some owners train their Rottweilers as attack dogs, often leading to terrible effects on society, and children in particular. Furthermore, in other cases, owners do not properly train their drover dogs at all. Because of this, these Mastiff-like canines might rely on instinct in certain situations. So yes, absent a proper master, these incredibly...

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Dog Bite Attack Kills 9 Year Old Girl

Another Life Tragically Taken by Pit Bulls. An innocent nine-year-old girl was killed by a pack of pit bulls in Chicago. The senseless death was one of many that affect neighborhoods with poorly trained Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. Furthermore, this attack was not in isolation. Similar tragic attacks caused a number of serious injuries and deaths across the nation. NBC Chicago reported on the tragedy. Police say that 9-year-old Emma Hernandez was riding her bike when attacked by three pit bulls or pit bull mixes. These dogs got loose from a nearby yard and attacked the girl. The dogs persisted...

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In the News: Pit Bulls Kill California Woman

Pit Bulls Escaped from Nearby Business and Woman is Killed. A tragedy in Central California underscores the potential danger of the dog breed most commonly involved in fatal attacks. The information comes to us via 23ABC News in Bakersfield. According to officials in Bakersfield, a woman was killed by one owned and one stray pit bull, as well as a mixed breed dog. The woman was originally unidentified. More info comes to us from the Sacramento Bee. According to the article, the woman was Crystal Lynn Pearigen, aged just 36. According to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office coroner, the woman...

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Should Pitbulls Be Banned Like Assault Guns?

German Shepherd Attacks – 3D Render A Canine Menace? Recently, authorities shot several animals. The facts show a woman and her son were mauled in Modesto, California. Many consumer attorneys and safety organizations are clamoring for an outright ban on these types of animals, mainly Pit Bulls. After all, the California government has successfully passed laws banning “assault” weapons, like AR15’s. And they did this even though these sporting rifles are used in less than 1% of gun crimes. So it makes sense that the senate and house in the Golden State would want to outlaw...

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Police Shooting Pit-bull Deaths Not the First?

Dangerous Dogs – A Menace to Children? German Shepherd Attacks – 3D Render This week’s graphic Pit Bull attack in Downtown LA showed the danger of poorly trained and restrained dogs. This danger is especially real with Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers trained to be attack dogs. The attack illustrates the liability of the attack and the natural consequences of such an attack. ABC7 reported on the incident, which sent shockwaves through the area. The LAPD’s shooting of three pit bulls is nothing new. Two of the three dogs died. Furthermore, the event occurred because the dogs...

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