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How Do I Become An Attorney With No Law School or Undergrad?

Can I Become A Lawyer Without Attending College or Law School By Reading For The Law? Yes, aspiring lawyers can become a lawyer and practice law without a law school JD. Yes, you can do it, because I did it. No, you don’t need law school or a college degree to become a lawyer in several states, including California. I am Los Angeles personal injury attorney Michael Ehline. I became a lawyer with no undergrad or law degree by reading law under several supervising attorneys on my four-year journey to becoming a California lawyer. CLICK HERE TO SEE >> U.S. STATES WHERE I CAN BECOME...

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Understanding the Terms Lawyer, Attorney & Esquire

Injury lawyer Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm. Ok. This distinction is a question few people don’t ask since they seem to mean the same thing. But are they? Most people think it’s the same. But some differences could affect your interactions with the courts. Many people, including the editors over at Wikipedia, use the terms attorney and lawyer as if they were the same. But like most legal terms, they are not interchangeable. Because of this, I wanted to explain the slight differences for the technically minded. What is An Attorney? A person learned in the law; as an attorney,...

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What Is The California Statute Of Limitations For Filing My Case?

The word “limitations.” U.S. Federal And California State Laws Civil statutes of limitations were enacted into law to limit a civil plaintiff’s time to commence their lawsuit. Similar statutes of limitations apply to limit criminal prosecutions of defendants (no statute of limitations for murder). Lawmakers conceived and passed these “statutes of limitations” deadlines so the parties can avoid injustice. The reasoning is that witnesses can disappear, die, or their memories can fade, evidence can be lost, and the plaintiff’s delaying a case can hang over a...

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When Can A Lawyer Refuse to Take a Case?

Financial and Ethical Complaints after Medical Harm Los Angeles catastrophe meter. What happens when a loved one needs urgent surgery or medical care after an accident? This post-care process is a situation that injury attorneys often negotiate for their wounded clients. However, there are increasing numbers of attorneys who won’t take on specific clients. Usually, it’s over the amount of money their potential claim is worth. It’s left many injury and accident victims in a precarious position. ProPublica published a report on the matter recently. The costs of a case hamstring...

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Free Legal Dictionary – User Supplied Legal Definitions

Michael P. Ehline, Esq’s injury attorney legal dictionary, most used terms. Your Free Legal Guide. Ehline Law Firm has brought this free Ehline Online Legal Dictionary to help consumers and lawyers understand general legal definitions as they are commonly understood in the California legal community. Your experts at the Ehline law firm have gained recognition as being among the best. Our reputation stands on its own. This dictionary is just one of the reasons why. Please read on in our free, easy-to-access document. These definitions were provided by our users and other publicly available...

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How To Make Moral Decisions as a Personal Injury Attorney

Rodeo Drive. Most of us have seen the movie Rainmaker with Danny DeVito. If not, I included a scene that comes to mind when many people attempt to describe their vision of the venerable negligence attorney. (See below) Of course, most of us have undoubtedly heard the ad hominem jokes and slurs about personal injury lawyers. Ambulance Chaser? Many pundits call us ambulance chasers, thieves with suits on, and so forth. You name it; if it’s derogatory, it has probably been attributed to the infamous “PI” lawyer at some point in time. As you can see above, the new attorney,...

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What Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation to the Supreme Court Means

A Victory for Textualists as Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The 48-year-old transitions from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeal to the highest echelon of the judicial branch. With her experience in academia and the court, Barrett will be one of the most experienced Supreme Court Justices in recent history. This is quite the accomplishment, considering her age. Aiding Barrett through this process was an incredible testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Seeing blood after the damaging Brett Kavanaugh hearings of 2018, Senate Democrats...

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Who is Amy Coney Barrett? Will She Be Confirmed?

An Established Jurist Who Upholds The Constitution May Be In Store For Us? With all of the discussion over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one element has been lacking from media coverage on the Supreme Court. There is a distinctly human element in between all of the debates. The battle isn’t really over the qualifications. The left wants a Marxist leaning justice who will outlaw private ownership of firearms. The right wants to enjoy the stability of a purist justice who will uphold the original intent of the Unanimous Declaration and Constitution. So it’s a fight over the composition...

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Tutorial On How to Become a PI Lawyer

Attorney Michael Ehline is a prominent and respected personal injury attorney in California. He earned his doctorate in law post-bar passage. He did so on an obscure program, called “Law Office Study.” So he attended law school in the evenings. Then he worked as a law clerk for several public and private attorneys. Furthermore, this lawyer went on to become a successful, multi-million dollar accident attorney. So this section is dedicated to discussing the many techniques and methods in achieving bar passage. Also, it covers the process of committing your profession to negligence...

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Perry Mason and Real Life Lawyers — the Parallels and the New Series

HBO announced an ambitious new series idea– just in time for everyone stuck inside due to the pandemic. The cable giant is reviving the old Perry Mason character. Mason was the lead character in the series that shared his name in the 1950s and 1960s. This time, Mason returns in a mini-series. In many ways, Perry Mason created the public’s perception of how courtroom investigations happen. Furthermore, while the television show was wildly popular, Mason was also a major fixture on the radio for decades. The series was so popular that CBS launched another series– the New Perry...

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Clarence Darrow as an American Icon

Clarence Darrow is perhaps the most famous lawyer in American history. Featured in film, books, television, and popular culture, his visage still affects us today. Furthermore, Darrow is a figure known for accomplishments large and small. Some are well known– as we’ll discuss– while others perhaps should be. In many ways, Americans’ perceptions of Darrow come to us through the so-called “Scopes Monkey Trial.” The famous 1925 Tennessee case about the teaching of evolution in public schools remains seared into public memory. Darrow not only argued the case...

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Difference Between Injury and General Practice Lawyers?

What are the Different Types of Attorneys? Understanding Why Choice Of Lawyer Matters For Your Type Of Case. In law school, or while reading the law as an extern the same classes/subjects are studied by all prospective lawyers. And each newly sworn lawyer makes the same oath to maintain ethics and professionalism. First-year students must master the concepts of “Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law,” across all American Bar Association-approved schools. The same goes for most State Bar certified schools. So, in general, most licensed practitioners are masters of the basics. (“Jack...

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What is Difference Between Handling and Referral Attorneys?

Knowing the difference between a referral attorney and a handling attorney is essential. And four main ways exist to tell the difference. The referral lawyer is a lawyer that remains outside your lead counsel. Generally, the litigator or trial attorney advances litigation. A referral lawyer can play various roles, from rainmaking, getting the client’s contact information. Of interest here is that the duties of litigation get passed to another lawyer. So if the referral attorney plays a secondary role, they might gather records. Or they help deal with client meetings to free the leading...

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Less Fortunate Folks Harmed Most by Low Bar Passage?

California State Bar Shield – Organization Logo As a graduate of the California State Bar Law Office Study Program [1. LOSP https://ehlinelaw.com/become-lawyer-law-degree], I always get concerned when I see laws/regulations that make it harder for those less fortunate, or less gifted, from having an equal opportunity (note I did not say “equal outcome.”) So this new proposal has me taken aback. What Exactly Is The Bar Exam? The California State Bar examination is a test designed to check a law school, or Law Office Study Program graduate’s knowledge of basic, general...

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